Guest Star: "Being An Author Ain't An Easy Thing" - Styles P

Wednesday, Jun 2, 2010 11:40AM

Written by Styles P for SOHH

My new book is called Invincible and at first it was gonna be called Mr. Invincible but then I decided to just knock it down to Invincible.

It would have came out sooner but it just took me such a long time because I didn't get any time to take off and write. I was busy trying to work, make music, doing my Green Ghost project and a couple other projects and the next thing you know, it took a while to get it out.

And you know, this is my first book. So at the same time, I wasn't trying to speed it up. I ain't really put my personal experience in jail in the book but what I did was put sh*t that I've seen in my personal experiences in it.

When I think about it, it probably took me a year and a couple months to put this entire book together. Yeah, I would say it took me a good year and a few months because there were times where I didn't feel like writing at all. It was a couple months span where I didn't do nothing because at the same time I was trying to knock out other projects.

I learned that being an author ain't an easy thing. I think the success with this book is the fact that I wrote it. F*ck even getting it out, it's just that I started from the beginning and made it to the end, I think a lot of people try to write a book and learn that it's a very difficult task.

Styles P is a member of rap group The Lox and his new novel Invincible was released in book stores this week.

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