Guest Star: Styles P Thinks Lil Wayne's Jail Experience Sucks

Thursday, May 6, 2010 3:50PM

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The Lox's Styles P recently reached out to SOHH to speak on incarcerated rapper Lil Wayne and what it feels like to be a famous emcee behind bars.


I think being in jail sucks. It just sucks, period, because you're missing out on a lot and plus you're famous so there's a lot of attention drawn and with the time you don't get a lot of peace of mind.

With being in jail, you gotta be sure that you get it on your own and kinda struggle for that and then you got your family. First and foremost, you got your family missing you. Your kids, your spouse, your mom, your aunt, your uncle, your cousins, your brothers and sisters, etc, etc and then you got your homies without you.

At the end of the day, you're just missing a lot. And then for somebody like Lil Wayne, he's done it on a much bigger, huge scale right now. So I'm pretty sure it's affecting him. But hopefully he'll just hold his head because a year isn't a long time. Or even eight months, it's a long time but it ain't a long time. You could still lose a lot in eight months time. But for Wayne, he's still in a good position. He'll be all right and come out with a good head on his shoulders.

We all need to stay up on the laws but I mean always the judicial and penal system has been foul but you really have to watch it now. I think it's the legal system across the world. We're targets, you better watch it. The black man is a target. A felon is a target. A black felon is a bull's eye." ---as told to Senior News Writer Cyrus Langhorne

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