News: Stacey Dash Reveals Game's Nerd Features, "I Want Him To Expose That Side Of Himself"

Saturday, May 1, 2010 10:14AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Actress Stacey Dash has revealed some of rapper Game's unknown characteristics including his hidden intelligence and articulate mannerisms.

Talking about the "Shake" music video she did with him, Dash gave the down low on Game.

"Game is highly intelligent. He's even educated. We have all kinds [of talks], from politics, to finances, to life, to religion. He's an intelligent man. That's what I hope gets exposed about him. Which is why I did my part in his video. I want him to expose that side of himself. He says everything is about timing. He's just such an intelligent man and no one knows. He's articulate as well. He says everything is about timing. He's just such an intelligent man and no one knows. He's articulate as well. Yeah, he promises that eventually it's going to happen. I'm holding him to it. And I think he has a great voice for rap. I think his voice is amazing, so I would love to hear him rap some... stuff. [Laughs]" (VIBE)

Last January, Game questioned the American education system via Twitter.

"After you learned how to read & do addition, what else did we need school for that we use in everyday life as an adult ?," he wrote Monday (January 25). "Cuz I swear I can't remember half the sh*t in them History books, my writin still sloppy, & I aint seen a microscope since science class ! well, sex education was MOST definitely appreciated !...I think school was a government's plot to keep track of us & program our lives. up at 7, out at 3pm five days a week. caught in the matrix but as a parent, I just dropped my kids off @ school & ah getta break from em' .. them 2 dudes is animals ! I get it, school is a babysitter Martin Luther King said: "The reason we in school 13 yrs is because, that's how long it takes to DESTROY a child's mind" .#nuffsaid but kids, STAY IN SCHOOL. we all gotta do it....... Aye, but I'm from Compton so maybe it was just our school system that aint really do shit for us. My teachers wore khaki suits n ere'thang." (Game's Twitter)

The rapper is currently putting together his new solo effort, The R.E.D. Album.

"Nah man, it's just a package deal, you should go and support hip-hop, go get Thank Me Later and go grab R.E.D. and you good," Game said in an interview. "You know you're good, then the next week you come back and buy Eminem, great. June is gonna be a big month. So no, it's no competition. Everything don't gotta be a competition and we're not even the same type of [artist,] we're not in the same lane. I respect what he does and I talked to him before, he's a fan of mine so we'll just keep it like that and put it out, people will go and buy them and who cares who's number one, number two, it don't make no sense to me because I've been around and sold millions of records already. I have nothing else to prove." (Rap-Up TV)

He also recently revealed what some of the production his album will consist of.

"I feel great about this album," he said in an interview. "It's back full-force Aftermath and I'm conjoined with Star Trak. I got this colorful movement over here where it's beautiful music on this side [with Star Trak] -- then when I need to go dark or super grown and sexy, I got Dre over here. The combination is crazy -- mixed in with a Cool & Dre track and RZA track and all the sh-- I been doing. The only person I'm upset I didn't work with on this album is DJ Premier. I feel his sh-- would have been perfect for this all-star producer cast that I have. One Premier track would have did me just fine. I would have murdered that sh--. But we ain't get it in, 'cause he was doing a whole bunch of sh-- for Christina Aguilera. I'm just Game. So I gotta just wait for the next album." (MTV)

Check out Game & Stacey Dash's "Shake" below:

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