SOHH Whats Up: Janelle Monae, Nick Cannon, Danja Mowf, Kat Stacks Team & Peter Rosenberg On The Check-In

Thursday, May 27, 2010 1:20PM

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Every day, SOHH is checking in on your favorite artists, athletes and entertainment personalities with the morning wake-up call! Today, Janelle Monae, Nick Cannon, Danja Mowf, Kat Stacks Team and Peter Rosenberg tell "SOHH, What's Up."

Janelle Monae @ 8:29 AM EST

Janelle Monae

@sohhdotcom Thank you guys for supporting. :)

Nick Cannon @ 8:31 AM EST

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

@sohhdotcom You know just Grindin' like bad brakes! On my radio show right now @923nowfm !

Danja Mowf @ 8:50 AM EST

Danja MowfTwitter

@sohhdotcom after I lift I'm running
RT @TTTorrez: Yo @sohhdotcom ask @danjamowf about our pushup contest! I demolished him!! << Don't believe the hype!

Team Kat Stacks @ 9:07 AM EST

Kat StacksTwitter

@sohhdotcom Hey "SOHH What's Up" This morning!!!
@sohhdotcom up early? Na i never sleep lol. Just reppin hard for the queen of media @iHateKatStacks !!

Peter Rosenberg @ 9:35 AM EST

Peter RosenbergTwitter

@Rosenbergradio ahhhh, what about some nike kicks, pete? lol "SOHH What's Up" with u today?
@sohhdotcom I usually stay rocking jordans...but u will catch a fly pair of pumps or converse weapons

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