News: Rick Ross Chops Down Misconceptions, "I Was Always The Fat Black Dude W/ Cheap Shoes On" [Video]

Sunday, May 23, 2010 11:33AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rick Ross recently talked about overcoming the public's misconceptions and why he has had to prove himself to the fans over a period of time.

Ross said he has been able to fight off being misconceived and allowed people to learn more about him throughout time.

"There's always gonna be misconceptions," Ross explained in an interview with Boss Lady. "There's always gonna be opinions and they not necessarily bad. Because a lot of times, people learn things in time. So what could have been a misconception last year, with a lot of people, isn't a misconception this year. I always had thick skin growing up. I was always the fat black dude with the cheap shoes on. I always had thick skin when it came to jokes or whatever and I could always tell a good joke. I could tell a great joke...' (Dr. Jays)

Chicago rapper Rhymefest recently said Ross wanted to have a fearless rap image.

"Me and Rick Ross had a real deep discussion about this," Rhyme said in an interview. "I gained a lot of respect for Ross after we sat and talked. He asked me whether I wanted to be feared or loved. I said was Al Capone feared or loved? He said feared. I said was Dr. King feared or loved? He said loved. Ross said he rather be feared. I said man, Al Capone died by himself of syphilis, isolated. Dr. King loved so hard he was feared, and they had to assassinate him...When motherf*ckers stop fearing Mike Tyson, everybody started knocking him out. When everybody stopped being afraid of Suge Knight, everybody started talking sh*t. But Muhammad Ali loved so hard, that he scared the world! I love my people so much that I ain't got time. They don't love me though, but it's all good." (All Hip Hop)

Last fall, Ross talked about dealing with negative attention from bloggers.

"I love it, I'm an eight-figure dude," Ross said with confidence in an interview. "If you got the opportunity to meet me, I'm pretty sure you'd be humble. So if you online, typing on the computercrazy because I know what it's like to not eat filet mignon. I know what it's like to eat Romaine Noodles, I know what it's like to eat Cap'n Crunch for breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner, I had nothing positive to say about no n*gga. Ain't nothing was positive. How I'ma have love and I wasn't eatin' right? So half the time when you look at the online, the world is in shambles and you feel that. And a lot of the times when I see something that's negative or that's baseless, I just know that's frustration from somebody that's not being where they're supposed to be at. Hopefully I can inspire them, you understand -- I think if them motherf*ckers went online, seen my face and didn't type something, that's when I'ma get p*ssed off and f*ck up the bloggers...Every time you type something, it's really a plus....Thank-you, and really, the joke's on somebody else but we ain't gonna laugh in front of y'all." (Real Talk NY)

Ross is currently preparing the release of his new album, Teflon Don.

"It was a real good move," Ross said about the delay. "I felt like the June 29th was a little too premature, that was the date my homie Diddy was coming out on anyway. And you know that's the homie, so I felt like coming in the early July, middle July was best for me from day one. But it's always good anyway man as long as you're setting up all your pieces up in the right place. You're setting your radio up, you're setting your marketing up, the rest of that sh*t come in place when you got hits." (Rap Radar)

Check out Rick Ross' interview below:

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