Exclusive: Jim Jones Brings Out Cam'ron For Band Of Ballers Tournament, Talks Reunion "We Comin' To Kill"

Saturday, May 1, 2010 3:52PM

Written by Danica Dow & Cyrus Langhorne

Dipset's Jim Jones took a break from his Converse Band of Ballers basketball tournament today in Atlanta to talk with SOHH about the new Diplomat movement and relinking with Cam'ron.

Jones told SOHH what rap fans could anticipate for Dipset in 2010.

"Nah, I love [Diplomatic Immunity questions]. Ask me some more. We comin' to kill. You heard me? I don't know what been going on in the rap game but I know what's about to go on in the rap game. Shouts to Killa, shouts to Juelz, shouts to Freekey Zeekey. Dipset 'fo life. Holla at us. Yes [a deal] is [on the table]. Where the money at? Nah, its never about money 'cause we got money but we want more money so who got the money? Who got the mottz?" (SOHH)

Jones surprised ATL fans by bringing out Cam.

Miss Info: So, all week I've been campaigning behind the scenes to get Cam to come down to Atlanta for the Band of Ballers game and show the world that him and Jimmy are making progress : ) And thanks to the folks at Converse and the big homie at Anomoly, Stan Lumax, it happened! Play by Play Updates: Missinfo: So Cam came in as the celeb coach for Jimmy, Shamgod, AButta and the Jones Family.... 1.The first game for them was a close call versus Shawty Lo's team (apparently they had their own ringers too) 2. Cam isn't suiting up (yet) because everyone is calling these games "football" not "basketball" due to lax officiating 3. Jimmy just said: "That white boy is nasty, we need to snatch him up for our team...he shoot too good, I know he must have played for real...." Lol, Jimmy is talking about Donnis' manager Dan Solomito. (Who actually played Division 1 college ball from what ppl say here) 4. Cam is suited up! Jones team back up vs. So So Def. (Miss Info)

Earlier this week, Cam said Dipset plans would be placed on hold until the deal is negotiated.

"Realistically, we working out business," Cam'ron told website Nowwut.com today. "Me and Jim are speaking. I don't want people to think me and Jim aren't speaking," Cam'ron said. "We speak a few times a week. Right now, we talking out the business. The deal is on the table. But until the business gets situated, it's [Cam's group], the U.N.; me and [protégé] Vado. We not about to stop. All the bosses meet at the roundtable. To be honest, we missed out on a lot of money on the Diplomat thing the first time. I'm not moving on nothing Diplomat until the business gets done. But it's close to getting done. Right now I don't want to mislead nobody and say it's not U.N. right now." (MTV)

Last month, Jones confirmed his reconciliation with Cam.

"I heard about the announcement," Jones said referring to his reunion. "I heard there's two gentlemen that put aside their differences and things like that. That's kinda good for the rap culture. I'm glad two young gentlemen as theyself get money and could put their differences aside and say they're gonna do another album for the people. Big up to them...I'm waiting to hear the next press release or the next cover or maybe song, I'm waiting like everybody. [laughs] These guys are good, Dipset." (VIBE TV)

Check out footage of Jim Jones talking about the Converse Band of Ballers tournament below:

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