Guest Star: "Female Rappers, You Gotta Be Sexy & Look Like Nicki Minaj" -Sha Money XL

Monday, May 24, 2010 2:30PM

Written by Sha Money XL for SOHH

I have the next stable of artists right now. They're right in the stable, right now. I'm gonna be signing them all up, so I already have the next wave of artists.

I think that's why Def Jam put me here because they know what I got. I got the next wave from motherf*ckers from New Orleans to Mississippi to New York. I've got the next f*cking wave to Atlanta, I got the next wave in each one of those cities, you're gonna find somebody that I'm about to bring to the table in all four of those cities, y'all. That's about to be a motherf*cking problem.

Even in motherf*cking Pittsburgh, there's some sh*t. I'm all over what's out there and I'm still looking for that dope New York n*gga, I've been checking n*ggas. French Montana, I see you my n*gga. There's a few n*ggas on the come up that I see that's hot and they just got to keep pushing the envelope to get things real heated because after that, we're just the big bang ready to just push the button. And I'll make the music for them but right now, I got Kid Kid coming out, actually, I don't want to get into the names because if I do, seriously man, what I got right here sitting, that's about to happen, man.

Right now we're focused on getting out Juelz Santana, that's the next wave right now. That's the next young god whose gonna get his crown because he's coming with that sh*t.

Nicki Minaj has set the bar so high that whoever the new female rappers is, and I've heard one or two females so far and they're horrible and I'm real hard on female rappers, seriously. I ain't with the bullsh*t, don't come too hard, you gotta be sexy and look like Nicki Minaj and sh*t. She got it. She got, I don't know about that Sean Garrett record, but she's got it. That record ain't it, she's supposed to come harder than that. That sh*t ain't it.

Sha Money XL is the new Senior VP of A&R at Def Jam Records.

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