News: Diddy Disputes Claims That He Is Managing Rick Ross & Nicki Minaj, "Don't Believe The Rumors" [Video]

Thursday, May 6, 2010 5:55PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Rap mogul Diddy has denied recent claims by Rick Ross that he has taken over as his new manager.

In addition to Ross, Diddy said he is also not managing female rapper Nicki Minaj.

"For the record, as I said before, don't believe the rumors," Diddy said on a UStream broadcast. "I have not made no announcement yet, don't believe no rumors about anything y'all hear. me and Nick, we just cool. I like her style. Rick Ross, he's my brother. There's no management announcements or none of that. So everybody, worry about what you're worrying about. It's all right for people to know each other and have an admiration towards each other and maybe pick each other's brains for advice. I will be making an announcement in a couple of weeks on some things. But right now, everybody let's chill out and be cool and stay focused on being positive..." (UStream)

Last month, Ross alleged that Diddy possessed priceless information as his manager.

"The experience and the knowledge that Diddy possesses is priceless," Ross said in an interview. "The relationships that he's accumulated over the last 20 years is priceless for a young artist such as myself. We developed a mutual friendship. We just stayed in contact. I was calling him for advice anyway. He was doing it for free...He was doing so many different things for me on that level..I expressed my interest in developing and designing my own clothing label. I expressed interest in branching off into liquor endorsements, book deals. I've yet to headline my own major tour yet, which I've never had a problem with, because I love the intimacy of clubs. I love when I can run in the club with 2,000 people in there, and I can look the majority of them in the eye and make sure they feel Rick Ross and understand what Rick Ross brings to the game." (MTV)

A week prior, Ross confirmed making Diddy his new manager.

"Most definitely, we making a lot of big moves," Ross told radio host Ricky Smiley. "We making a lot of big moves, you know what I'm saying? Shout-out to Diddy, the Ciroc Boys. You know what I mean? We got a big announcement we gonna be making real soon. And we got a lot of big ventures we're looking into so I'm excited. June 29th is the tentative date [for my album] we're looking at right now. ("The Travis Smiley Show")

Ross spoke on his upcoming solo album, Teflon Don, and his relationship with Diddy earlier this year.

"Teflon Don, that's actually the first moniker I ever went by," Ross revealed in an interview with DJ Envy. "It was my first rap name so I'm coming back doing the full 360 and it just makes it more intimate. It makes it more special, it brings back so many memories so that's why, the project, I put even more into it...I'm having more fun with the records, I'm just in the spotlight, in a good spot right now...Shout-out to the big homie, Diddy. We gonna make a big announcement soon. We got a lot of plans laid out for this year. You know what I mean? It's all love." (Sucker Free)

Check out Diddy speaking on Rick Ross down below:

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