Guest Star: Rhymefest Discusses The Stalled Chi-Town Movement

Tuesday, Apr 6, 2010 3:00PM

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For this week, Grammy-winning rapper Rhymefest has sat down with SOHH to talk about everything, from what happened to the Chi-Town movement to his thoughts on Little Brother putting out their final album together. In this second installment, Fest accepts the blame for contributing to the stalled Chicago movement.


I think people haven't heard Lupe Fiasco's new album and my El Che album that's getting ready to come out and so there's a few things that have stalled our Chi-Town movement.

Number one, we didn't do what we were supposed to do by not working together. Why has Lupe and Rhymefest never had a song together? Why has Twista and Common never had a song together? But you can get Jay-Z and T.I. to have a song together like, I feel like a part of the Chicago thing is we have to get people to believe in us by putting our talents in each other's audiences no matter how big or small the audience is.

Chicago, we used to look at ourselves as I think as an individual. Like, "Man, this individual made it, this individual got power." Like, it's so organized, the gang culture that even the people that ain't in gangs like even the individual people think like mob bosses. Like, "This is my family right here." And then others are like "Well this is my family." And hip-hop, it's a slow death to everybody.

So now you have things happening like Kanye West and I still working together and still doing things together although he's not on my El Che album, I still get his counsel and he gets my counsel on things and I formed a group with some of the dopest underground Chicago cats that exist. Juice, Mikkey Halsted, Twone Gabz and we formed a group together that we getting ready to come out with a group album and it's called the DuSable Museum based on a museum in Chicago that honors the founding of our city.

We are starting to come together, there's new groups in Chicago like The Cool Kids and hopefully they'll start branching out working with other city artists. We gotta realize that our city shine ain't gonna come from another city legitimizing us or another person legitimizing us, it comes from us legitimizing ourselves to the world. -- as told to Senior News Writer Cyrus Langhorne

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