Guest Star: Rhymefest Hopes To Build Up His Fan Following Again

Friday, Apr 9, 2010 3:40PM

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This week, Grammy-winning rapper Rhymefest sat down with SOHH to talk about everything, from what happened to the Chi-Town movement to his thoughts on Little Brother putting out their final album together. In this final installment, Fest says he is out to regain his fans.


I feel like because of the break that I took, the years that I took, I want to maximize and sell as many records as possible when El Che comes out. I feel like I lost a lot of fans, like, I lost a lot of people's attention.

So now, I have to do things in order to make the sale and the sales of this new album successful. I have to try and get as many of those eyes and ears back as possible. Basically, I ain't about just dropping an album. I gotta go out and be a live n*gga.

Like the song I got out right now with Skyzoo, it's called "Crack The Code" and I did a joint for Sadat X on his new album for Wild Cowboys II. Do y'all know what I'm saying? I have to drop these videos, these YouTubes, I have to get the people primed up to want to buy El Che and be like, "Ah, it's out."

Some of these dudes, they're telling me, "Man, just drop your album!" And people don't realize it's not as simple as that. It's not as simple as dropping your album and when it doesn't do nothing then you won't be dropping another one. Do y'all know what I'm saying?

So don't forget, May 18th, May 18th! May 18th, 2010, that's the date El Che is coming out. ---as told to Senior News Writer Cyrus Langhorne

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