News: Nicki Minaj Refuses To Address Female Critics, "You'll Never Hear Me Say Your Name" [Video]

Monday, Apr 5, 2010 5:50PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Young Money's Nicki Minaj has explained why she is ignoring critics and disses from fellow female emcees.

Speaking via a UStream broadcast, Minaj said she would continue to stay away from negativity.

"I don't respond to stupidity because I don't have to," Minaj said in a video. "I don't need it for publicity and people that do that, they need it. You guys don't have to tell me about somebody saying some stupid negative sh*t because all these b*tches are my sons. So, I showed them how to do this. I show y'all how to do this. That's why y'all yap yap yappity yap. I hear y'all talking. That's why I occupy my time getting a green piece of paper...So pretty much, I spend so much time counting that green paper that for me to take my time out for stupid, foolish, strawberry shortcake bum b*tches that live on planet bum would almost make me as low on the totem pole as they are. You'll never hear me say your names. You'll just keep barking up that tree, and I'll keep doing what I do. In other news, I want to say though, that, you guys make hip-hop into some real clown sh*t when you feed into that." (UStream)

Minaj recently talked about having fun with hip-hop and easing the seriousness behind her rhymes.

"It bothers me when people take themselves too seriously. It's like, loosen the f*ck up," she says. "At the end of the day, this is entertainment. We should be entertained." Minaj hopes to keep listeners amused with her still-untitled debut album. "I've gone through the 12-Step Hip-Hop Program: the mixtapes, the DVDs, the low-budget videos, the small shows," she says. "I thank God that I wasn't signed years ago and that I didn't have a hit record before I did the grind. I'm ready now." (Spin)

Last month, Southern rapper Khia questioned Nicki's "Barbie" rap image.

"I don't know if it's really her. Everybody knows it's me, it's Khia. I don't know if she's Nick, I don't know if she's a Barbie. I tell everybody, we don't have Barbies in the hood. Boos, there wasn't no Barbies sitting on the stoop, love who you are. Hip-Hop is supposed to be real, hip-hop is supposed to be where the real people hang and I think it's a lot of infiltrators coming in..." ("Street Disciplez Radio")

Rapper Kid Sister previously talked about Nicki's colorful rhymes and the impression it leaves on hip-hop critics.

"I think Nicki Minaj is awesome," Kid said in an interview. "She has a cute little look but my thing is do people take her seriously? I'm not being funny. I'm just asking a question. That whole thing like I want more cheese, lots and lots of cheese, do people make fun of her? But do I have it harder? No, I think I have it easier. Harder in the sense that maybe the pop world doesn't know how to interpret me but easier in the sense that I know my music comes from me and it's a clear and perfect projection of everything I am." (Honey Mag)

Minaj is preparing for a summer road trip with Rihanna and Ke$ha called the Last Girl on Earth tour.

The tour will begin in Seattle on July 2 and make 25 stops, including Los Angeles on July 21 and New York's Madison Square Garden on August 12, before concluding on August 25 in Chicago. Tickets go on sale at on Friday. Additional dates will be announced. (MTV)

Check out Nicki Minaj's UStream video below:

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