News: Kat Stacks Blasts Rosa Acosta, "You F*cked The Same Rappers I F*cked For Free!" [Video]

Friday, Apr 16, 2010 1:50PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Alleged Young Money groupie Kat Stacks has fired back at model Rosa Acosta and revealed her personal contact information.

Stacks claims she has been taunted by Rosa as of late and is now responding.

"So I got this b*tch Rosa Acosta hating on me like the b*tch cut all her hair off, the b*tch is bald headed now, this video h*e who f*cked Soulja Boy and Fabolous and everybody, this b*tch wants to be hating on me and making motherf*cking YouTube videos on me," Kat said in a video. "Well b*tch I got a lot of dirt on your motherf*cking a** h*e because you f*cked the same rappers I f*cked for free! At least I got paid, b*tch! And you want to use me to promote your wack a** website, h*e? I don't think so. Y'all holla at Rosa Acosta if you want your d*ck sucked for free. The b*tch number is....." (World Star Hip Hop)

Earlier this month, Stacks said now is the perfect time to "expose" the Young Money crew.

"Young Money is a bunch of motherf*cking roommates," she said in an interview. "They call themselves Young Money, because they don't got no grown-a** money. They ain't got sh*t, them motherf*ckers is all roommates - they just fronting for their image. All they do is treat b*tches wrong and I ain't the only one. I'm the only one out here brave enough to speak out on those motherf*ckers. I'm just a spokesman for what they are and you can see on my website how I have proof of it...The only one that paid out of all of them was Jae Millz. He paid for himself, and he paid for Gudda Gudda. He also paid for me to bring other girls over, but Lil Twist he never paid. He left me standing [in] downtown [Miami]. It's just time to expose them, because I'm sick of their sh*t." (Hip Hop DX)

She also said Young Money's Jae Millz called Child Services on her.

"Well that last video, I was pissed off because Jae Millz had called Child Services on me because he's the only one who knows my real address so I knew it was him. So I got pissed off and I started writing it on Twitter and then my account got suspended so I just called World Star Hip Hop and said I want to make another video and give this motherf*cker's address out since they was trying to take my child away...I've heard they got a price out for my head, I've already moved so if anything happens to me they'll know who to go to first." (Team Yee)

Last month, Stacks called out Young Money, Nelly, Bow Wow and more rappers through multiple self-recorded videos.

Young Money's favorite love toy (shivers), Kat Stacks, has gone digital! Basically repeating the same "revelations"that she has already through her award-winning blog and already VerifiedTwitter account, Ms. (or Mr. - - something about her facial structure and chest ain't right) Kat wanted to make sure we understood that she wasn't messing around with a minor, that Young Money is still broke, and Nelly was acting like a shady queen in Miami. And people thought the year 2009 was the end of the groupie. (Crunktastical)

Check out Kat Stacks' video below:

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