News: Joell Ortiz Co-Signs J. Cole's Rap Skills, "He Puts Words Together Really Good"

Monday, Apr 5, 2010 2:15PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Slaughterhouse's Joell Ortiz has co-signed J. Cole and shared some advice to rap newcomers.

Ortiz shared some insight on how to make it in the rap game.

"I have to say J. Cole is my favorite out of these dudes [on XXL Magazine's Freshmen 2010 list]," he said in an interview. "Not to knock nothing from anybody else, J. Cole and Nipsey Hussle, I like both of them. J. Cole could rhyme really well and he puts words together really good...It starts now. Don't think it means, 'Done,' because that might exactly become what it means, like, you're done. It's like when somebody puts a plate of steak out, it's not ready to eat if it don't taste well... Then that's it. They'll never order from that restaurant again. So now y'all faces are out there and people are going to be checking up there. Dig in or else you'll fade. It's like only one or two that make it. It's like the NBA, you could be ill in college but hopefully you're studying and really considering that you will be professional in something other than sports." (XXL Mag)

Last month, Cole said his rhyming skills were inspired by artists like Nas and the late Tupac Shakur.

"The more lyrical rappers. I gravitate toward the classic and more lyrical rappers," he explaind in an interview. "Sometimes when I'm in the studio we spend an hour on YouTube watching old rap and freestyle. For a while there it was really lyrical and witty and was always personalized. I'm drawn toward storytellers like Nas and Tupac. I'm realizing my own work in this day is generally not something that is out there. There is a lot of talent, but they just aren't putting out what I am. The whole game is exciting but nobody in a long time has come out with the skills for lyrical writing that I am coming out with." (Spinner)

In February, Cole talked about putting together his forthcoming Roc Nation debut album.

"I'm in with No I.D. right now. He's incredible. It's fun," Cole said about his album's production. "My favorite producer, after I started producing [and] paying attention to producers, was Kanye...Being in with No I.D. last night and watching him work, it was like, 'Duh.' I been in with other producers, it don't click. It don't connect. It connects with him. I figure if I grew up looking up to Kanye, Kanye is cut from the No I.D. cloth." (MTV)

Cole also recently hinted at an upcoming collaboration track with Pharrell Williams.

"Ah man, Pharrell, that was incredible man," Cole said about working with the producer. "I think he just got named producer of the decade by Billboard and I just read that today, so, even when I read it I was like 'D*mn, I was just in the studio with this dude,' so it's kinda an honor to get some of his time like that and we came out of it with some good material, the song I really like." (One Neck, Two Chains)

Check out a past J. Cole interview below:

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