News: Game Says Dr. Dre Goes Hard On "Detox" Album, "I've Been In Grinding With Him"

Saturday, Apr 24, 2010 9:50AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Black Wall Street leader Game has commented on Dr. Dre's upcoming Detox album and said the long-awaited project is definitely on the way to retail outlets.

Game also said Dre's delayed project will continue to gain anticipation the longer fans are forced to wait.

"I'll let you know that right now it's definitely, definitely going to come, and Dre's been working harder than ever. Everybody's been in and out the studio. I've been in grinding with him, I'm going back in tomorrow to actually work some more, and get it to where we can all come to that happy medium where we're like. 'Damn, we finally got Detox and man it's crazy.' I can definitely guarantee you that however long he makes us wait--he can push it back for eight more years and it'll just be that much bigger, man--'cause Dre's not gonna put it out until it's 100 percent the idea he had when he started, and hopefully he picked the dates. I don't pick the dates but I just can tell you I've been working on it." (VIBE)

West Coast rapper Glasses Malone recently talked with SOHH about his excitement for the project's release.

"That's a big deal man," Glasses assured SOHH. "This dude is a big deal, number one producer of hip-hop ever and possibly one of the baddest motherf*ckers to get on the microphone. That's the biggest deal, that's the biggest deal in hip-hop ever, I don't think there is a record bigger. Like, I think the coolest thing is being around to witness it because the two biggest records in my lifetime that I witnessed and everyone was waiting on it was of course All Eyez On Me when Tupac was getitng out and Lil Wayne's Carter III and now the biggest of all-time is Dr. Dre's Detox...I got in there and checked out a lot of these Detox cuts and it was a cool thing to see. The Detox, that sh*t's real man. That's some real sh*t going on over there. Dre just takes his time man, this is what he do. He's two for two with classics, the first Chronic and 2001 and this will probably be his last record. I'm sure he wants to go three for three. Why not? It takes time." (SOHH)

Chronic 2001 collaborator Devin the Dude also told SOHH he was ready for a Detox feature request.

"I believe the Detox record is going to be very well worth waiting for," Dev told SOHH. "With the upcoming line-up that I heard is gonna be on there, a lot of powerful producers and a lot of very talented artists are on there so it's like fine wine. [laughs] It's like fine wine, man. I'm hoping I get the chance to make the cut but if not, I'll be promoting it just as much as if I was because I appreciate him reaching out to me and having me out there to just give it a shot and see what was going on and he's very excited about it. And everybody pretty much saw that in his eyes and how he moves around and does his thing in the studio and get very creative and get things moving -- so yeah, it's gonna be real cool." (SOHH)

Earlier this month, Dre said his new single with Jay-Z, "Under Pressure," will likely be released this month.

"Yes, hopefully we'll be releasing ['Under Pressure'] in the next two weeks or so," Dre said in an interview referring to his Jay-Z collaboration. "And I'm definitely gonna be putting the album out this year. Finally, you know, and I think everybody is gonna be happy with it. That's it right now. I'm just trying to finish thisrecord, finally get it done, get it out and start promoting it." (CNBC)

A confirmed release date for Detox has not yet been announced.

Check out Dr. Dre speaking on the album below:

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