News: Duke Wins NCAA Championship, Ja Rule, Asher Roth, Shaq & More React

Tuesday, Apr 6, 2010 12:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

The Duke University men's basketball team have won the NCAA basketball championship against Butler University with a 61-59 victory.

The win made headlines throughout Twitter from fellow athletes like NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal.

"I'm sayin it now butler wins by five," Shaq wrote prior to the game's final score. "Duke does it again I thought dat last shot by butler was good." (Shaq's Twitter)

Ja Rule tweeted about Duke's former players and congratulated the Blue Devils on their win.

"Duke only produces college stars!!! What NBA stars came from duke??? So far I've only got 3 that were allstars hill,brand and boozer!!! @ruleyork Part of the reason is that Coach K likes to stay away from the 1 and done players when recruiting. John Wall considered Duke. This is a good game thou... The refs don't call sh*t in college I love it!!! These must be the refs from the Rucka lol... Howard is a beast!!! Good game duke!!! Can't hate..." (Ja Rule's Twitter)

Sports fanatic Asher Roth also checked in to his Twitter account for constant last minute game updates.

"They're letting em play a game of basketball - that's what's up All I do is hit free throws and get fouls - Butler - 55 Duke - 56 5:02 left - NCAA Championship - CBS is you're sleeping All I do is hit free throws and get fouls - Butler - 55 Duke - 56 5:02 left - NCAA Championship - CBS if you're sleeping Cuzzo matt howard playing BIG - Butler - 59 Duke - 60 - 49 seconds left Butler 59 Duke 60. 13 seconds - butler ball Watching "3 ninjas" to ease the pain. One inch away from history and THEE espn classic. (Asher Roth's Twitter)

Little Brother's Rapper Big Pooh shared his thoughts on the game's action.

"real talk, Butler not making a field goal 4 about 6 min didnt help their cause. we dont have 2 worry bout another Duke chip for 10 years" (Rapper Big Pooh's Twitter)

Duke defeated Butler Monday night to win the 2010 NCAA Men's Championship.

The Blue Devils staved off what would have been an epic upset by beating underdog Butler, 61-59, on Monday night in the NCAA championship game in Lucas Oil Stadium and added to its already illustrious legacy. By earning its fourth national title, Duke cemented itself and Coach Mike Krzyzewski into the small and elite best-ever category of programs and coaches. (Los Angeles Times)

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