News: Drake To Avoid More Knee Injuries On Stage, "My Brand Of Music Doesn't Really Call For Running Back & Forth"

Monday, Apr 12, 2010 1:20PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Young Money's Drake recently discussed the precautions he is taking to avoid another on-stage knee injury while touring this spring.

According to Drake, his music has matured to the point where it is not necessary to offer fans a lot of physical movement and energy.

"I had an assessment a week ago," Drake said in an interview. "They told me that I'm definitely able to get out there and perform to the fullest. I'm still not going to be able to play basketball. I'm gonna stay far away from that, actually. But I'm ready to come back. I think I'm coming back with more maturity as far as connecting with the audience and less about running around. A lot of my performance energy before came from watching Lil Wayne. I always felt I needed to be just as energetic, running back and forth on the stage. In preparing for this tour, I realized my brand of music doesn't really call for that. It's more about me connecting with the audience and them enjoying the way we flip these songs around. I want them to walk away and be like, 'That was a great night.'" (MTV)

The rapper's injury took place during the Young Money Presents: America's Most Wanted tour last summer.

"This bottle of Opus One is low but my spirits are high my friends," Drake wrote. "I am about 2 hours away from Toronto, CA where I will be spending the next chunk of time recovering from a surgery that I now must have. I embarked on this tour with a torn ACL, MCL, and LCL and due to the events that happened the other night lord only knows what other damage I have done. On the bright side I will begin the reflecting and soul searching that its going to take to make this album and my outfit on the night I fell was crack. I will forever push myself beyond the limits despite advice and recommendations given because even with this new found success I am still the kid who wanted this more than anything in the world." (October's Very Own)

Resting bedside through his September 2009 knee surgery, Drake kept fans updated via popular Twitter page and even commented on Jay-Z's 9/11 charity concert.

"Nurse...Bring me my pills and some of that goody, some ginger ale with ice, and dim the lights...HOV is live at the Garden!," he wrote Friday night. "SANTI!!!!! CUDDER!!!!!!!! thats my bro!!! Yeezy spazzzin!!!! My nurse telling me quiet down...I'm rapping as if I'm there and sh*t Mary still got it She's dancing like they just wrapped shooting on the rooftop with Meth...feel me? I'mma do my verse from right here!! Hudson voice too ill But I prolly will when Hov does...real sh*t. Is that the Forever drums? lol Legendary sh* all, to each, a fair good-night, and pleasing dreams, and slumbers light." (Drake's Twitter)

Drake recently talked about his Home Away From Home tour.

"It's a musical experience, it's about a mood," he says. "Women can come out and feel sexy. It's gonna be good. I picked the show that I would be at, you know? I don't know how people are gonna receive it. I hope that they come to my tour with an open mind, because it's not me and Pleasure P and Trey Songz. It's not what people would necessarily expect. It's not the tour that's based around hip-hop or R&B music. To me it's based around refreshing sounds." (Rolling Stone)

Check out past Drake performance footage down below:

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