Guest Star: Devin the Dude Rolls Up Marijuana Legalization Bill

Tuesday, Apr 20, 2010 2:00PM

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Mary Jane supporter Devin the Dude chopped it up with SOHH to talk about why he thinks United States President Barack Obama and company should legalize marijuana.


I'm "very" much for, at the very least, the decriminalization of weed. I wouldn't mind it being legal but if the powers that be could at least decriminalize the punishment with weed, I think it will be a lot better. I think it will help the nation a lot more than it will hurt it.

I also think you could profit off of it too, medically and financially. And especially with getting the laws changed so that people wouldn't have to miss weeks of work and mess up their whole schedule because there's weed involved or with people having police kicking in doors and doing all kinds of crazy stuff because of a type of grass.

It's really something that's more of a medicine than it is a drug when you think about it. It's never done anybody harm enough to kill them. It has zero kills. It has zero kills when you compare it to tobacco or alcohol or any other "legal" drug that's out right now.

So I believe, yes, America needs to grow up. I think the country needs to grow up. Grow it up! ---as told to Senior News Writer Cyrus Langhorne

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