News: 50 Cent Associate To Pay Woman $30K Over Assault At Rapper's Mansion

Friday, Apr 9, 2010 2:00PM

Written by Biz Jones

50 Cent associate, Dwayne McKenzie, has reportedly has to pay a female victim $30,000 for assaulting her at the rapper's Connecticut mansion in 2008.

According to reports, McKenzie has already attended a violence education program.

A woman who was beaten by an associate of 50 Cent's at his Connecticut mansion won a judgment yesterday (April 8) in court. Shana Chin, 24, claimed that Dwayne McKenzie, a member of 50 Cent's entourage who lives in the mansion, beat her during a Memorial Day party in 2008. A Waterbury Superior Court ruled in favor of Chin after the judge presiding over the case ruled that there was enough evidence to support Chin's claims of assault. McKenzie has been ordered to pay $30,000 and has already taken a violence education program. (All Hip Hop)

McKenzie previously argued that Chin made the entire assault story up.

Shana Chin said she was dating Dwayne McKenzie, an assistant to the rapper who lives at the multi-million-dollar mansion. She testified that McKenzie often carried a gun and had talked of torching a house that belonged to the rapper's ex girlfriend. McKenzie's attorney painted the 24-year-old Chin, who is suing McKenzie for damages and medical bills, as a greedy, fame-hungry woman out for money and the chance to meet rap stars. He said she fabricated the story about the assault after her relationship went south. (Republican American)

The associate was arrested last August for assault on the woman in 50's Connecticut mansion.

The woman alleged that at some point in the fight, McKenzie held her to the ground and she was able to pepper spray her assailants. McKenzie and the 29-year-old victim were not dating, police said. McKenzie was taken into custody Thursday afternoon after New Britain police pulled him over in his 2006 BMW for not wearing a seat belt. He was issued a verbal warning and held for Farmington police. McKenzie was also charged with first-degree unlawful restraint. (New Britain Herald)

Past reports suggested Chin's lawsuit was originally for $15,000.

Shana Chin says she was hit with a belt and choked by McKenzie, a 27-year-old employee of 50 Cent, last May after a party. She says the encounter left her face, thigh and back bruised. McKenzie was arrested shortly after the incident. (Courant)

No further details have been revealed as of now.

Check out footage of 50 Cent's mansion down below:

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