News: T-Pain Prepares To Take Over W/ Nappy Boy Digital, "Everybody's Buying The Stuff On The Internet" [Video]

Tuesday, Mar 2, 2010 10:35AM

Written by Biz Jones

Grammy-winning singer T-Pain recently discussed his motivation for selecting an online only distribution model for his label, Nappy Boy Digital.

From Pain's perspective, companies are losing money on physical distribution.

"Nappy Boy, it's 2000-and-win we're in right now, we're making the movement known, doing it quietly," Pain said in an interview. "Letting everybody know when we come it's gonna be a big blast, it ain't gonna be like, 'Oh they hot, oh they're getting even hotter,' it ain't gonna be like that, it's gonna be like 'Wow, they super hot!' Nappy Boy Digital is a digital company, basically based on the Internet, it's on iTunes and not really a physical company, you know what I'm saying? A lot of people are pressing up all these CDs and pressing up all these extra jewel cases and the inserts and and all that stuff and then everybody's buying the stuff on the Internet so it's not making them any money, they losing money, so, Nappy Boy Digital is my digital company, it's all Internet and that's just how we go." (Access Vibe)

G-Unit recording artist Tony Yayo recently spoke on the advantages of the online market.

"And now my mixtape's on iTunes, go pick it up -- I get my bread faster instead of waiting on the label to make moves for me. Them days is dead...We're gonna drop these independent records this summer, it's more money for me anyway, so, it's a beautiful thing. It's the do it yourself [era]. Eh yo, all those Hype Williams days are over. N*ggas used to spend half a million for a video. Now -- my videos are done in five minutes." (DJ Green Lantern TV)

Pain's artist, Travis McCoy, spoke on his Nappy Boy Entertainment debut, The Lazarus Project, and how much involvement his boss had last month.

"[Laugh] Nah, nah, what you hear on the record is all Travis, no Auto-Tune," he promised in an interview. "T-Pain did a bunch of stuff; Cannon, who's an up-and-coming producer--he's amazing--and works under the Timbaland camp; Detail, who's outrageous--I did a bunch of joints with him. I got Cee-Lo on the record for a song called 'Dr. Feel Good,' which might me the unofficial first single to get a buzz going for the record, so that might be one of the first songs your hear." (XXL Mag)

Aside from music, Pain will be debuting his "Freaknik: The Musical" cartoon next weekend.

The cartoon, rated TV-MA, follows students who are looking to resurrect the now-defunct street party, and T-Pain is the "party ghost." It also features Andy Samberg, Lil' Wayne, Bill Hader, Kelis, Snoop Dogg and George Clinton, among others. Lil Wayne voices the character Trap Jesus, who T-Pain describes as having "a Jesus-type aura to him." Samberg portrays a "frat boy" while Kelis plays the role of Tyra Banks, whose television show T-Pain's character appears on. The special premieres March 7 on Adult Swim. (Seattle PI)

Check out T-Pain speaking on Nappy Boy Digital down below:

Access Vibe - MLK Celebration with a Tribute to Teddy Pendergrass, T-Pain and Nappy Boy Entertainment from Access Vibe on Vimeo.

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