News: SOHH Guest Star: Director Antoine Fuqua On Working With "The Wire" Actors

Friday, Mar 26, 2010 3:50PM

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Training Day director Antoine Fuqua sat down with SOHH this week to discuss everything from rappers striving for Oscars to why he recruited cast members from "The Wire" to star in his latest film, Brooklyn's Finest. In this final exchange, Fuqua vouches for the acting talent of cast members from HBO's hit series "The Wire."

I was really impressed with your decision to give quality screen time to actors from "The Wire" because a lot of them seem to miss out on big Hollywood flicks.

"That's why some of the guys from 'The Wire,' I put in Brooklyn's Finest because I see 'The Wire' and I see these guys are talented cats and they didn't win not one award. No love or anything from the industry so I was like I'm putting them in Brooklyn's Finest, man. Luckily, Michael [K. Williams, who played 'Omar'] is from Brooklyn. So I was like, I'm gonna put them up on the big screen man, you know? They deserve to get their shots. Yeah man, I wasn't gonna use them if I couldn't really put them up there [for quality screen time.] But some of it didn't make it onto the big screen, because it was edited out and we're gonna put it on the DVD, but, I wouldn't put them in it unless I could give them moments that were memorable."

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