Pantene: Pantene Relaxed and Natural User Experience #4

Wednesday, Mar 24, 2010 12:00AM

Written by Nora Heard

I'm an African-American woman with natural hair who is always on the hunt for affordable products that leave my hair looking and feeling great. I recently got to try Pantene's new Relaxed and Natural line. My first test was to see how well the line performed with a normal amount of styling products in my hair. Then I tested how it handled extra product build-up and product free. This time I decided to let my hair air dry with no products.

Shampoo: I washed my hair in two cycles and got the same great, soft feeling after washing; removing any trace of residue.

Conditioner: I conditioned my hair and let it air dry all day this time, without applying any moisturizing product. Amazingly, my hair still felt soft and manageable. No tangling at all!

Overall, I would use these products on my natural hair. They each do exactly what they promise, and they smell great!

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