Pantene: Pantene Relaxed and Natural User Experience #3

Wednesday, Mar 17, 2010 12:00AM

Written by Nora Heard

Remember me?  I'm an African-American woman with natural hair who is always on the hunt for affordable products that leave my hair looking and feeling great.  I recently got to try Pantene's new Relaxed and Natural line. My first test was to see how well line performed with a normal amount of styling products in my hair. Then I tested how it handled extra product build-up. Now, I want to see how it works with nothing in my hair.

Entry#3 - No Product Build-Up

Shampoo: I had not put any product in my hair for two days, so it was a bit dry. I shampooed twice, leaving the shampoo in about 5 minutes longer than normal expecting to get the squeaky feeling as a result. I was pleasantly surprised. My hair felt soft after each wash.

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