Pantene: Pantene Relaxed and Natural User Experience #2

Thursday, Mar 11, 2010 3:40PM

Written by Nora Heard

As I told you all in my first entry, I'm an African-American woman who wears my hair natural. I'm always on the hunt for affordable products that leave my hair looking and feeling great and I recently got to try Pantene's new Relaxed and Natural line. My first test was to see how well line performed with a normal amount of styling products in my hair. Now we'll see how it handles extra product build-up.


Shampoo: I put extra product in my hair for the past few days to see how well the shampoo would clean it out. I washed my regular two cycles and rinsed. I got the same result as before; softness without any slickness or residue. Usually when I have more product in my hair, I have to wash for three cycles, scrubbing my hair longer each cycle.

Deep Conditioning mask: This smells ridiculous. I love it!! Again, not too fragrant but just enough for someone to notice you--in a good way. I left this on for about 10-12 minutes--my normal time. The results were the same as with the regular conditioner, but I did need to spend a little more time rinsing this out. Not a problem though because the results were still great.

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