Pantene: Pantene Relaxed and Natural User Experience

Wednesday, Mar 3, 2010 12:00AM

Written by Nora Heard

As an African-American woman who wears my hair natural, I'm always on the hunt for affordable products that leave my hair looking and feeling great. Recently, I tried out Pantene's new Relaxed and Natural line. I tested the shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioning mask (with varying amounts of product in my hair), and I decided to post my results right here.

Before I begin, here's a little background on my situation...

My hair is not permed or color treated. The texture is a little coarse, dense and thick with a natural curl. It is soft to the touch but because of the thickness it can feel coarse at times. I wash my hair each morning and then moisturize it with a light pomade type product that locks in the moisture. This saves my hair from turning into a frizz ball once the air hits it.

Entry#1 - Normal Product Build-up
The Shampoo and Conditioner smell really good. Not too fragrant, but just enough for someone to give you a pleasant double take when you walk past. Just don't overdo it!

Shampoo: I washed two times, which is normal for me, and then rinsed. My hair felt very soft after the wash, and there was no residue. Usually shampoo leaves my hair feeling stripped and squeaky after I wash it, but not this time.

Conditioner: Oh my! WOW! No really... my hair felt so ridiculously soft while it was in and after I rinsed it out. I was very surprised because, typically when I condition my hair, the fluffy, soft feeling leaves once I rinse out the product.

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