Exclusive: Olivia's Manager Responds To 50 Cent's $2 Mil Remarks, "The Way You Recoup Is To Put A Project Out"

Tuesday, Mar 23, 2010 10:15AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

R&B singer Olivia's manager, Rich Dollaz, hit up SOHH to put an end to the recent remarks by 50 Cent who claims the singer cost him over $2 million in expenses during her time on G-Unit.

From Rich's perspective, Olivia's commitment to touring with 50 helped him recoup from any financial losses.

"I just feel people don't really understand two million versus four million versus six million, the bottom line is if you're a record label person and you understand you're trying to recoup, the way you would recoup is to put a project out," Dollaz explained to SOHH. "Now if you're going on the road in support of the main artist and that doesn't allow you to get into the studio and do the proper work necessary for you to put an album out, then you can't blame somebody for that. Your recoup comes every night when you make $200,000 a night at every show. That's your recoup. You're recouping because Olivia's opening, [Lloyd] Banks is on that show, [Tony] Yayo is on that show, I don't know who else was on that [G-Unit] tour, but you're on tour for d*mn near three years and you're talking about spending $2 million over three years when she's performing every night. So it's not because we're sitting at home doing nothing that you're not recouping, it's because you're on the road, making money daily, $2 million isn't a lot over three years to have somebody on the road performing in front of hundreds and thousands of people where glam is necessary, hair and make-up is necessary, wardrobe is necessary, travel is necessary. That's an expense you incur because you chose to incur that expense." (SOHH)

50 previously said Olivia used her finances as if she were an R&B superstar.

"Yeah, that was a loss," Fif said about investing in Olivia's G-Unit run. "The problem you get with female solo artists is they look, their game is really small. So they look at it and say, it's Beyonce, Rihanna, Keyshia Cole but when you have an African American female solo artist, she sees where she fits immediately. Problem is, they spend financing like those artists at that point, having the set-up, the make-up artist, the stylist, those different things but when you don't have a record that connects fast enough, you'll accumulate a tab like a motherf*cker. And you look around like 'You spent $2 million on this sh*t and have me compromising myself at certain times.' See, I made sacrifices for other artists that I don't think people acknowledge them. Don't get f*cked up, when I'm doing the Get Rich Or Die Tryin' soundtrack, I know I'm supposed to be doing 'I'll Whip Your Head Boy,' and I'm doing 'If I Was Your Best Friend,' because I'm already two million in the hole on the actual project. I already spent all this paper moving around doing all this other sh*t that I gotta keep that in a position where I can potentially sell it." (All Hip Hop)

The Unit's Tony Yayo vouched for both 50 and Olivia in the past dispute.

"Shout-out to Olivia, I don't got nothing against her, she's a pretty girl," Yayo said in an interview. "But what label do you know that's gonna give a n*gga $4 million? In this day and age? And you didn't sell anything? I could see if you sold five million records, and then the label says we're gonna give you [a certain amount], she didn't sell any records at that period of time for 50 to spend $4 million over her so he's basically saying he spent $2 million on something that didn't lift off yet. Would you spend $4 million on something that's not guaranteed yet? And another thing you have to remember too is with female artists, it's totally different on the road than for the male artists. If I have a regular male artist, all I have to do is get him regular sh*t...Woman [artist], you gotta have her feet done, nails done, eyebrows done, you got makeup for hours before the show -- so it's more maintenance." (Fobez DVD)

While Olivia has chosen to no longer address the matter and said she is still on good terms with G-Unit, she did tell SOHH about linking with Rich Dollaz as her new manager.

"He's a character" Olivia told SOHH with a smile. "I love Rich, I'm glad we teamed up. We probably met, I wanna say six or seven months ago. And it feels like I've known him my whole life. So it's a great connection with the both of us, we work very well, I don't have to tell him what I need done, like, he'll call me and be on top of it all the time with like interviews and whatever. Most managers don't talk to their artists on a daily basis and he does that, which is really good." (SOHH)

Check out Olivia speaking with SOHH below:

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