News: J. Cole On Developing His Rap Skills, "I'm Drawn Toward Storytellers Like Nas"

Wednesday, Mar 17, 2010 6:10PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Roc Nation's J. Cole recently revealed his admiration for Nas and explained why the New York rapper has influenced his method of storytelling in songs.

In addition to Nas, Cole said he was fond of the late emcee Tupac Shakur for his writing skills.

"The more lyrical rappers. I gravitate toward the classic and more lyrical rappers," he explaind in an interview. "Sometimes when I'm in the studio we spend an hour on YouTube watching old rap and freestyle. For a while there it was really lyrical and witty and was always personalized. I'm drawn toward storytellers like Nas and Tupac. I'm realizing my own work in this day is generally not something that is out there. There is a lot of talent, but they just aren't putting out what I am. The whole game is exciting but nobody in a long time has come out with the skills for lyrical writing that I am coming out with." (Spinner)

Fellow rap newcomer Drake recently talked about Nas having an influence on him.

"It's gonna be bigger, it's gonna sound happier," Drake said comparing his debut album to So Far Gone. "Yeah, it's gonna sound bigger, it's gonna sound victorious because that's where I am in my life -- I really studied Nas to be honest, Nas was like somebody that I used to listen to his raps and not really understand 'how' he did it, I always wanted to understand how he painted those pictures and his bar structure and all of that. I went back and really studied Nas, studied Andre 3000 [for this album] and I hope you like it." (IM Flashy)

New York rapper Fabolous said he wanted Nas to make a strong rap comeback earlier this month.

"Nas, Nas, like Nas is so ill," Fab told interviewer Karen Civil. "I think this younger generation of hip-hop really don't know, like, I got a dude who rolls with me, he's like 21, 22, he don't know any of the ill Nas, he don't know Illmatic, you just don't know that Nas that I grew up with. I wish Nas would just let these young boys know he's that dude." (Karen Civil)

Rapper Bow Wow has also expressed his interest in the rap veteran dropping a new LP for 2010.

"I'm ready for a new Nas Album," he wrote yesterday (February 4). "1st day starting on my new album. @RealDjKayslay @bowwow614 when u got tht banger.. ima blow it up in NY<== yessir big homie. thank you. anything you need from me let me kno." (Bow Wow's Twitter)

Check out Drake speaking on Nas below:

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