News: DMX Being Considered For "Celebrity Rehab" TV Show

Friday, Mar 12, 2010 3:45PM

Written by Biz Jones

Rapper Earl "DMX" Simmons is reportedly being considered for a television appearance on the upcoming "Celebrity Rehab" series.

Based on reports, X was requested following his arrest earlier this week.

DMX's attorney, Gary Jenkins, tells TMZ reps for "Rehab" contacted him after X was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly violating his probation by using drugs. Jenkins says the "Rehab" team is considering sending someone to DMX's next court hearing to speak with the judge -- just like Dr. Drew did with Jessica Sierra from "American Idol" -- to try and get X placed in their care instead of being locked up. (TMZ)

Last April, there were reports that X was being requested to appear on the show.

The 38 year-old hardcore rapper will join the cast of the VH1's "Celebrity Rehab" show for its upcoming third season. The show's resident drug counselor, Bob Forrest has told exclusively. DMX is the first celebrity named in the new cast. (Radar Online)

However, this was later denied by his publicist Pam Pinnock.

"Several media outlets have reported that my client Earl Simmons, aka DMX has signed on to appear in VH1's 'Celebrity Rehab Reality Show,'" a statement reads. "These reports are false and Mr. Simmons has not greed to appear in any reality show. Mr. Simmons is currently serving a 90 day jail sentence at Tent City Jail in Arizona . He has expressed great appreciation to the overwhelming amount of support he has received from his fans during this difficult time. He would like his fans to know that he is taking this time to focus on his personal as well as spiritual growth, and is looking forward to being released soon." (Hip Hop Press)

Awaiting a court hearing next Tuesday (March 16), the rapper was arrested earlier this week on a parole violation charge.

"He admitted to using cocaine, so he's back in our jail," said Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. "I think it's about time to give him hard time." The get-tough sheriff said if the rapper is serious about kicking his drug habit, the Arizona jail system -- where X has already logged time on animal cruelty and drug possession charges -- could help him get clean. "We do have a great drug prevention program in the jail, so if he stays in our jail system I will consider (letting) him go through our program," Arpaio said. (MTV)

No further details have been revealed as of now.

Check out an interview with "Celebrity Rehab's" Dr. Drew down below:

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