Caption Diss: Beyonce To Jay-Z: "I Got Something To Tell You, Hovi"

Tuesday, Mar 30, 2010 1:20PM

Written by Bulldog Butterworth

For Caption Diss, the good ol' folks at SOHH are up and at it again to give y'all, doggies, a chance to capture the final word(s). The "Best We've Ever Read" headline gets to rock that SOHH Caption Diss crown for a week. Now who's got a story to tell?

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D*mn, my favorite rapper-marries-singer couple are making headlines these days, huh? Seems like every other f*cking day Jay-Z is ALLEGEDLY dating this chick and then Beyonce is giving up the "cakes" to that bodyguard doggy, SMFH. I guess when you're at the top looking below, doggies get tired of being sh*tted down on so they just run sh*t. But this recent rumor sounds like it might be THE TRUTH, Beyonce getting knocked up with Hovi's sperm seed? Oh sh*t! Can y'all imagine what that baby would look like? LMFAO. Who knows, y'all think Beyonce is giving Hovi the good news or is there something else she is revealing? Hhhhmmmm..........

LMFAO. Oh sh*t, y'all WENT IN on Drake last week, gotta give mad props out to @EVERYONEOFYOUDOGGIES b/c I pleaded for y'all to f*ck sh*t up and y'all definitely delivered on that request. But sh*t, once again big ups to @SilkyJohnson for coming back for a win, d*mn, I guess my sh*t was too over-the-top and bottom line is it comes down to simplicity but meaningful disses. LOL. F*ck it, with this doggy's album coming out soon, guess we're gonna see a lot of more of him in Caption Diss taking face shots, PAUSE. Congrats Silk!


Aight doggies, looks like Beyonce is gonna be the top target this week, so go all the way the f*ck in and blast her SOHH hard that @SolangeKnowles is gonna feel it. LMFAO. Or her new half-sister. LOL. Y'all know the routine, think 'em, diss 'em, ink 'em and submit 'em into the comments section by Monday, April 5th.

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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