News: Wale Addresses Being Dropped From Interscope Rumor, "N*ggas Be Pressed To Make Sh*t Up"

Monday, Feb 15, 2010 5:41PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Roc Nation's Wale has addressed a new rumor that claims he was allegedly dropped from Interscope Records after releasing only one album, Attention Deficit.

Writing via his popular Twitter page, Wale labeled the rumor as a "failed" move.

"N*ggas be pressed to make shyt up huh. #RT @Komani_Kastro: i heard @WALE got dropped from Interscope ?! smh #Fail," he wrote on Monday (February 15). "@MissAyesjay na what's wack is that ur friend is blind..that's some BS." (Wale's Twitter)

The rapper found his name being tossed around the rumor mill Monday morning.

Tiger Woods and wifey Elin weren't all snuggles on V-Day. They weren't together, according to reports. A porn star also says that Tiger got her preggers two times. Evander's wife opted to go to marital counseling instead of sending him to jail and divorcing him. Did Wale depart or get dropped from Interscope? (All Hip Hop)

Last month, Wale revealed almost being signed by Jay-Z to Def Jam in 2005.

"Jay's my man, like, I met Jay-Z three years ago when he was at Def Jam," Wale explained. "I almost had a situation there but he left. He kept me under the wing and I get to go a lot of places that I probably couldn't afford and eat things I can't pronounce and stuff like that. But touring with Jay, like being the opening act in arenas and it's only 20 percent full, we may or may not have a dressing room, it's good. It's like being a freshman on a football team. And I pay my dues, and I think a lot of times artists feel like you're supposed to give it to them." ("The Mo' Nique Show")

Wale's manager, Dan Weisman, previously explained how Wale is signed to producer Mark Ronson but has agreed to co-management by Roc Nation.

"[It] just sort of happened organically," Weisman said of the new partnership. "Wale went on tour with Jay-Z last summer and got to know the Roc Nation people -- [he] went on tour with Mark Ronson, who was opening for Jay-Z in the U.K. Got to know [Jay] and it just seemed like a good move for him to do that." (XXL Mag)

Check out a past Wale interview down below:

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