News: Waka Flocka Flame Details Near-Fatal Shooting, "I Wanted To Chase [The Gunman] So Bad"

Wednesday, Feb 3, 2010 5:45PM

Written by Biz Jones

Rapper Juaquin "Waka Flocka Flame" Malphurs has detailed his near-death shooting from last month and revealed what choices he had when confronted by the gunman.

Flocka detailed how he was able to avoid being fatally shot.

"I'm thinking like, 'I don't feel like paying for this car's damage. I ain't got time for that,' " he added with a smile. "A third alternative was my jewelry: Why not hand him my jewelry and try to get out of the car so I could have some defense. I had a ring on, a watch, my chain on and my bracelet. I took my ring and was like, 'You can get it, man.' I started getting the quick stuff off, making him feel like he's the winner. So I took my ring off, took my bracelet off, gave it to him, took my chain off slow. He took off. I wanted to chase him so bad. It's like taking your pride, your dignity, but it's nothing I could do. My friend, mind you, I don't know what he was thinking. I wish he would have got out and fought with me. But sh--, it's over with." (MTV)

Flocka recently said the hitman was too nervous to kill him.

"I really can't breathe that good but I'll break it all down right now," Waka said in an interview. "All I know is somebody was sent to kill me but he was so scared he let me get out the car -- he hit me in my arm -- trust me, he could have did his job. That's the word out to him and his people. And I'm straight though, I just broke one of my ribs -- I'll be out there. Shout-out to everybody that's been hating on me..." (Hot 107)

Associate DJ Holiday previously discussed the shooting and Flocka's injuries.

"He's actually responding better," Holiday revealed. "He got shot in the arm and the other one hit him in the shoulder and it moved around and hit him [near his] he has a hard time breathing and moving. The bullet is lodged on the right side of his chest up under his arm -- and that's where the most trauma was. He's a tough dude [and] he make jokes about it." (XXL Mag)

The attack reportedly took place at an Atlanta gas station.

Gucci Mane understudy and author behind the smash hit "O Let's Do It," Waka Flocka, was reportedly injured in a shooting earlier today. While stopping at a gas station off Old National Highway in Atlanta, Flocka was approached by unknown men at gunpoint and was told to hand over his chain. After refusing to give up his jewelry, the suspects fired shots in the direction of Waka Flocka hitting him twice. More details to come. UPDATE: Label confirmed exclusively to these accounts are true. (Karen Civil)

Check out Waka Flocka Flame speaking on the shooting down below:

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