News: UPDATE: Just Blaze Responds To Saigon's Atlantic Claims, "Be Careful When Talking To The Folks W/ Cameras"

Wednesday, Feb 3, 2010 5:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Producer Just Blaze has fired back at accusations made by Saigon regarding their status on Atlantic Records and said he never "faked" being off of the company for publicity purposes.

Writing exclusively through Twitter, Blaze shared his stance on Sai's recent remarks.

"I Dont do publicity stunts," Just wrote. "And I don't fake things for public perception. That devalues my word to the people when I'm speaking on something real. What's done is done at this point, but I don't play that game. Faking being off of a label would not help anyone at the end of the day...What I look like faking label releases? Come on man. I stick by my ppl whenever I can, even to my detrmnt but don't have me looking crazy!! Let me clarify. I was a bit aggy when I woke up.. To my knowledge Atlantic agreed to release Sai. But there were probably terms that had yet to be resolved. I know it took a second for the agreement to be put in place as far as being able to walk with the masters, but there were probably other terms that still needed to be renegotiated. Probably point overrides and buyout fees. That was the last I heard. Apparently that end of it still isn't done I guess? I was never involved with that part of the situation really. When Sai said that I think he wasn't really thinking about te context and it probably just came out a little wrong. All the more reason we gotta be careful when talking to the folks with cameras. All is good tho. I just dint like waking up to headlines like "just blaze lied!!!". Back to destroying and rebuilding. Good day all." (Just Blaze's Twitter)

The "Yard Father" recently said contractual obligations have kept him and Blaze on Atlantic.

"We still on Atlantic man, we just getting out of there," Sai said in an interview. "Still on Atlantic bro, that's the thing. They the real paper gangsters man. Everyone talking about, 'They still won't let me out my contract,' you play with them, you deal with some serious dudes. Nah, we didn't get off, we just tried to fake it. But it wasn't working, that's why I laid low for a minute, I was gonna try to disappear off the radar 'cause they don't wanna see you go up the street being successful so they just hold you in with the paperwork. They just sent over the papers for the release but the conditions are kinda iffy, because they like 'We spent this and this kind of money,' so they want when I go somewhere else, to pay them...Until they come back with something decent -- then we gonna keep it moving." (All Hip Hop)

Lupe Fiasco recently cleared up confusion about his upcoming Lasers album being his final release on Atlantic.

"The last six months, it's been like, 'I gotta really, really go out there and show that I'm nicer than all of them,' " Lupe explained in an interview. "It's like, 'All right, so be it. If it takes three more albums to do it, then so be it.' That's what I got left with Atlantic. Three more after Lasers. I'm already done with two." (MTV)

Sai previously said he was on the verge of signing with G-Unit Records in the past.

"Sha Money XL introduced me to 50 early in his career," Saigon revealed in an interview. "We sat down and chopped it up. I was actually G-Unit'ed out at one point. I was running around screaming that sh*t and all that. Like 'G-Unit n*gga!' 'cause me and Fif chopped it up...But we had a falling out, we both Cancers -- so as far as us being alpha-males, it's hard to co-exist around that n*gga. A lot of times it's his way or the highway. We kinda bumped heads, early." (Rap Radar)

Check out Saigon speaking on Atlantic Records below:

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