News: T.I. Steps Behind The Boards For B.o.B.'s Debut, "He Actually Produced Some Stuff" [Video]

Thursday, Feb 18, 2010 10:10AM

Written by Rosario Harper

Grammy-winning rapper T.I. has reportedly stepped away from the microphone to help produce on Grand Hustle's B.o.B. upcoming debut album, The Adventures of Bobby Ray.

According to B.o.B., the rapper went directly into work mode when he was released to a halfway house last December.

"As far as production, T.I. actually produced some stuff on the album," Bobby Ray said in an interview. "Jim Jonsin, Dr. Luke, me, it's a good combination...I actually worked with him as soon as he got out. He actually left and went straight to the studio apparently, so, I went in and worked with him some, we did some stuff for his album, my album. And you know, just really got in there to get in the vibe. Since he's been released, he seems more, he has something to prove now. I feel like he has a deeper fire to his whole approach, it has more motivation. He's a motivated person in general, but I feel he's got a lot more now." (Rap-Up TV)

Earlier this month, Bobby Ray said his label boss seemed to be more focused since beginning his 366-day jail sentence last May.

"Yeah, I actually worked with Tip on some stuff from my album and some stuff from his album," he revealed in an interview. "We came up with a banger--might I add that. He seems like he's really focused now that he's out, and he seems like he's got something to prove. I'm excited to see what he's gonna do, and I'm excited to see what the songs we made are gonna do." (Hip Hop DX)

Producer Swizz Beatz recently spoke on hitting the studio to work on Tip's next solo album.

"[T.I.], that's the homie. I don't have nothing for him yet. His mind and his thought pattern before he went [to jail] is gonna be different from when he gets out. That man has been in the penitentiary at a time that was the height of his career -- he might come out and not wanna use curses no more. He might come out and use more curses. I don't know. I can't create the sound for Tip that's based on 'Swing Ya Rag' and 'Bring Em Out' and all these things we've done unless it's his plan. He's gotta come out, [I] sit down with him, chill how we chill. I gotta do a couple ofrecords with him. I can't be the first thing coming out." (MTV)

B.o.B. is currently scheduled to perform at the upcoming Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival this spring in California.

The Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival will bring a youth movement to the low desert this year. After several years of greybeard headliners, California's signature festival is going back to the future with younger acts including Gorillaz, Muse, Jay-Z, Thom Yorke, MGMT, Hot Chip, Spoon, Vampire Weekend and LCD Soundsystem at the very top of the bill for the three-day concert that begins April 16 at the Empire Polo Field in Indio. (Los Angeles Times)

Check out B.o.B. speaking on T.I. down below:

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