News: Tahiry Wants To Dead Her Joe Budden Tattoo, "Get Set To Kill The Wife Beater!" [Video]

Tuesday, Feb 9, 2010 12:35PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

King Magazine covergirl Tahiry Jose wants to move past her ex-boyfriend/rapper Joe Budden by getting rid of a tattoo she still has of his name.

Labeling Budden as a "wife beater," Tahiry and her girlfriends cross out the mark and call out the emcee in a video.

"So, it is finally going down," Tahiry said in a video. "Get set, to kill the wife beater! Yeah!!! [laughs] So people, Tahiry, ThisIs50 and uhm today we are killing that tattoo of, the wife beater. Yeah! So today is the day, to take off this. F*cking loser. [laughs]" (This Is 50)

Last month, Budden released a song called "Downfall" which revealed his physical relationship with the model.

"Caught up in the he say, she say, blog sites/Him and her broke up, World Star, NahRight," Budden raps, "Dumb fans, they believe, everything that y'all write -- Tell me what am I to do, if I ain't have a soul a n*gga always had you/Pardon Duke, but I gotta speak candidly, with five years of blood, sweat and tears/But it was obviously a disconnect, we turned that into a disrespect/Since she been holding it inside for years, she's unhappy so the girl I wanna marry was afraid to come and tap me/So I went away ontour and you went on one of your own/While you was on the horn all day with ol' boy did you ever think what it would do to your home/What's his name, where's he live/What is it he offered, what's he got to give/I loved you so much that when I caught on to your fibs, I hit you like a man, you wore it in your ribs/I was heated, but had it strong enough to remove the infidelity and see what's underneath it/Come to find out you felt lied to and cheated, mistreated, and kept it a big secret..." ("Downfall")

Budden also recently broke up with model/rapper Somaya Reece.

"Because Somaya, I blocked your b*tch a**," Budden said in avideo recording. "I blocked you on my Twitter and as soon as I leave a f*cking Tweet, your f*cking crazy dumb a** sends me a f*cking text. You better stop f*cking stalking me n*gga. Stop f*cking stalking my Twitter feed b*tch. That b*tch is f*cking stalking my Twitter page. That b*tch made a f*cking fake Twitter account...A**hole year is gone -- [she] pretended to be really, really, really cool -- and then after so long, she revealed her crazy Spanish colors and begin to act like a lunatic and getting out of a five year relationship, why do I want to be with anyone who is a f*cking lunatic? I just left someone who is a f*cking lunatic...I don't want any beef with motherf*cking Somaya, I don't want any beef with Gloria Velez, I don't want any beef with Tahiry, I don't want any beef with b*tches. Period. I'm off that. It's a new year, it's a new year, grow the f*ck up..." (YouTube)

Outside of her past relationship, Tahiry said she planned to take her career into films last month.

"Right now, we're setting it all up, I'm looking at reality TV," Tahiry revealed to interviewer DJ Vlad. "Possibly try some acting. I just had a couple interviews and I said I'm not trying to be Halle Berry, but Rosie Perez 2010 why the f*ck not? I'm never afraid to try anything. Hosting, I did that for the Rucker -- whatever door's open, I'm walking right through them. [Me and Joe] were doing meetings [for a reality show], but we were doing it together. Now we're basically, there's a fork in the road. Yes, it was pretty close [to finalizing]. Sad but true. We got as far as sitting down and being right where we need to be." (Vlad TV)

Check out Tahiry speaking on Joe Budden below:

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