News: Shyne's First Post-Prison Song Breaks Free Online [Audio]

Tuesday, Feb 2, 2010 10:20AM

Written by Biz Jones

Shyne's first post-prison rhymes have turned up on the leak of DJ Khaled's "All My Life" which also features Akon and Mavado.

On the track, the former Bad Boy briefly touches on his past criminal life style.

"From the streets of New York, where the streets don't sleep, Shyne get 'em!," Khaled says prior to the rapper's verse. "All my life I've been rolling with the D's and the C's," Shyne raps, "Steady ducking the police, ain't a friend/When they take me ahead, they fill me with lead -- Until it come to an end, I'll be bleeding in bed/I live slowly let you read in the F.E.D.S., Daddy wasn't there but my mama was a gem/But I ain't trippin' though, that's how I kill a flow....." ("All My Life")

Khaled recently spoke on his relationship with Shyne.

"Shyne is a good friend of mine, he's just a real dude, you know what I'm saying," Khaled said in an interview. "I kept contact with him when he got out, you know what I'm saying, I reached out to him and he's just a great person. I asked him to be on the album and he was like, 'Yo Khaled, you've been waving the Shyne flag since day one,' you know what I'm saying and he got on it. I know a lot of people holla at him and he's in Belize, he's doing his thing, he's a good brother, a real brother and he definitely repped me to the fullest and I appreciate it man. So shout-out to Shyne, Shyne Po, Shyne what it do?" (VIBE)

Producer Swizz Beatz recently announced his association with Shyne's own forthcoming album.

"I'm rocking with Shyne," he said in an interview. "I need him to find himself a little bit. Not to say he don't know who he is, I just need him to vibe off a couple beats and be like, 'Swizz, these are four joints right here I been rocking with, me and Scott Storch or whoever. This is the lane I wanna go with.' Then I could digest those things and then I can come up with the best records for [T.I.], Shyne, for everybody. These are different techniques so I can use those darts." (MTV)

Producer Scott Storch is also reportedly attached to the rapper's comeback album.

"Yeah, Shyne's my man. I've been talking to him and I was talking to him all through his prison sentence. He's always remained a loyal person to me," Storch explained in an interview. "We became friends after he was already in [jail] and I found out he was a fan and he's just a h*ll of a cool guy. I'm looking forward to doing, not just one record, but doing a chunk on his album... He's in full effect. He's got people sending him tracks. I have a feeling he's going to make a really huge album... He's got a lot to say." (All Hip Hop)

Check out Shyne's "All My Life" verse down below:

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