News: Rosa Acosta Spreads Details On Reality Show, "I May Be Coming To A TV Near You Soon" [Video]

Monday, Feb 1, 2010 10:30AM

Written by Biz Jones

Hip-Hop music video vixen Rosa Acosta recently shared details about her upcoming reality television show.

According to Acosta, a pilot has been shot and shows her difficulty handling a jam packed schedule.

"I was shooting a pilot for a reality TV show," Rosa explained in an interview. "So I may be coming to a TV near you soon. It's gonna have subtitles so don't worry. [laughs] We did the pilot based on whole difficult things for me to get ready for this fitness competition that I'm trying to get into. So it's really hard for me to do what I do and on top of that exercise everyday for two hours when sometimes I just don't have the time, like today. I woke up at five o'clock because the only time I can go to the gym with my trainer is 6 PM. Since I knew I was gonna be here, I went at 6 AM, it's the only other time that she can admit me. So I went to sleep at two, woke up at five, went to the gym at six..." (Whats Poppin)

Last month, the model hinted at having a reality show in the works via Twitter.

"Shooting a pilot for my reality show starting tomorrow with -> @directormarlonp," she wrote Wednesday (January 20) referring to director Marlon Pena. "Yeah my show may have subtittles "por que mi ingles no es tan bueno papi lindo"" (Rosa Acosta's Twitter)

Along with previously being romantically linked to rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em and singer Omarion, Acosta was the featured covergirl for KING Magazine's re-launch last December.

This incarnation, newly christened The Women of KING, has undergone a few changes. To whet the appetite of the brand's devoted fans, the magazine will be released four times a year. More importantly, like the new title suggests, The Women of KING will focus on the beautiful women that populate hip-hop's biggest videos as well as the entertainment and modeling industry, as it did before. The Women of King's Winter 2010 issue hits shelves on December 24, ladies, now you know what to get your guy for Christmas. (XXL Mag)

Reality shows have also become popular within the rap game as seen with artists like 50 Cent and Fabolous.

"I'm working on this reality show, with me and my son," Fab confirmed in a November 2009 interview with interviewer Nesha. "It's gonna be like, about young fatherhood where, well, not too young, but in the same token as being my first child and he's so young and me still being relevant in hip-hop. You know, having to balance my career being a father at the same time. And then me actually not knowing much about parenting. The struggling in there should be fun, having some funny points, I have some drama, I have a lot of ups and downs, it should be a good reality show. It's not crazy, I'm not searching for love on that Ray J sh*t." (Society & Style)

Check out Rosa Acosta speaking on her reality show down below:

Rosa Acosta Talks New Show from Antoine on Vimeo.

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