News: Raekwon On Overseeing His Own Label, "[My Artist] Is Going To Be The Next Lil Romeo Or Bow Wow"

Sunday, Feb 21, 2010 9:50PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Wu-Tang Clan's Raekwon has opened up about taking time to run his own record label, Ice H2O, and why he may have discovered the next Bow Wow.

According to the "Chef," he has invested an interest in younger artists.

"One thing about my company, we all try to communicate every day," he explained in an interview. "I feel like if we don't, that's going to be the weapon to destroy us. Christine Eva. I got a young cat coming out of North Carolina, he's 11 years old. His name is Little Justice. I think he's going to be the next Lil Romeo or the next Bow Wow. I want to help them be able to teach kids their age, too. I got children. I want to show them that, hey, y'all can't listen to what we talk about, but y'all can listen to what he's talking about.... It's a positive side to what we're doing as well, other than just talking about so much of the street life, the other things that we talk about. Shorty will be my protégé when it's time to speak on that level to the younger generation. That's important to me." (Entertainment Weekly)

Bow Wow recently inked a Twitter posting speaking on his success in the rap game.

"I cant believe im not 23 yet and im on my 8th album. Say what ya want, but it hasnt been another youngin to do dis since MJ and LL," he wrote Tuesday (February 16). "LL cool J is my idol. i have to pass him. i see none of these other young boys as comp. I want what LL got. he at 13 im at 8. And even sum still front, dont act like u was harlem shaking, wearing ya braids and bandannas to the side gnr hahahaha @BLACKOKONVICT ok name another youngin who since them 2 that has done it big. no f*ck it. name me sum 1 at 5 who started and are still here? @BLACKOKONVICT n*gga who you think the kid was on Doggystyle on snoop album me. who was on tour with Boss and Onyx? me n*gga. gnr hahaha @BLACKOKONVICT naw wayne wasnt 5. n*gga u old enuff to remember Arsenio hall. I was rapping on there. boy u betta do yo research." (Bow Wow's Twitter)

Younger artists like DJ Webstar have also proclaimed their dominance in hip-hop.

"You can tell who you want and you can feel how you feel aint no young n*gga in the game f*ckin wit me! NOBODY," Web wrote early Tuesday (February 16) morning. "And this aint musicmoney either!!and It aint to many young n*ggas around so yall figure it out!! I'm not fronting its facts no young n*gga got more money than me! We can talk about it when they ready imma show yall some sh#t ! I'm normally very humble but somebody made me mad! So f*ck it imma get back on my sh*t. I'm about to start naming names!!! Stay tuned!!!" (DJ Webstar's Twitter)

CNN's Nore recently spoke on joining Raekwon's record label.

"I can't even say that it's guidance," he shared about Rae's position in an interview. "I can just say that you know what Rae adds to the whole thing is like when we had Trag around, Trag brought that like older brother element around and that's the same thing Rae brings. When he's around he's like a older brother." (XXL Mag)

Check out some past Raekwon footage below:

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