News: Olivia Talks Post G-Unit Debut, "I Don't Play When It Comes To My Music"

Sunday, Feb 14, 2010 10:41AM

Written by Rosario Harper

R&B singer Olivia recently spoke on her upcoming post G-Unit debut album and why her music leaking last year turned out to be a benefit at the end of the day.

In addition to speaking on her "Take It Off" single, Olivia said she now feels breaking away from 50 Cent's G-Unit Records will allow her voice to be heard and respected.

"Oh definitely, a lot different," she said about her new music compared to past. "You couldn't get to know me period when I was at J Records because I was just starting and everybody was trying to give me a direction that they wanted me to do. And the other label, I just had to conform to being around a bunch of rappers, so you definitely couldn't get to know me then either. I had to be able to fit in with them. So nobody really knows what the real Olivia is, but now you'll be able to tell when you hear the album. We actually did not intend for ['Take It Off'] to be the first single, we don't know how it leaked. But either way, it worked out great. The play has been wonderful and the responses have been great and everybody's loving it. So it's a good thing that it was leaked...I work ahead of time, I don't play when it comes to my music. The album was already done." (Baller Status)

Earlier this month, she spoke on her time under 50's wing.

"I mean, I'm worth it," Olivia suggested in an interview. "You should have spent four [million]. I'm just saying, if you have an R&B artist and you're used to dealing with a whole bunch of rappers who all you have to do is get up and put on a sweat suit, like, come on. That's not fair. I'm a girl, like you said, I'm beautiful, I don't wanna OD and be extra cocky, but come on. There's a lot of stuff that comes with having an R&B artist, so, what's the problem? He can afford it. I'm your artist, you love me, you gonna take care of me, you gonna take care of all your other artists so why is it a big deal for me? I don't know what he spent, but the point is you're supposed to be taking care of your artists. Why would you even want to throw out a number or whatever you're doing. It's not that serious." (Forbez DVD)

According to the rapper, Olivia used her finances as if she were an R&B superstar like Beyonce or Rihanna.

"Yeah, that was a loss," Fif said about investing in Olivia's G-Unitrun. "The problem you get with female solo artists is they look, their game is really small. So they look at it and say, it's Beyonce, Rihanna, Keyshia Cole but when you have an African American female solo artist, she sees where she fits immediately. Problem is, they spend financing like those artists at that point, having the set-up, the make-up artist, the stylist, those different things but when you don't have a record that connects fast enough, you'll accumulate a tab like a motherf*cker. And you look around like 'You spent $2 million on this sh*t and have me compromising myself at certain times.' See, I made sacrifices for other artists that I don't think people acknowledge them. Don't get f*cked up, when I'm doing the Get Rich Or Die Tryin' soundtrack, I know I'm supposed to be doing 'I'll Whip Your Head Boy,' and I'm doing 'If I Was Your Best Friend,' because I'm already two million in the hole on the actual project. I already spent all this paper moving around doing all this other sh*t that I gotta keep that in a position where I can potentially sell it." (All Hip Hop)

However, according to Olivia, she decided it was time to leave the Unit to pursue her own recording career.

"Again, miscommunication came into play, because I felt like I was just being a hood girl. So I spoke to Fif about it and told him that I was trying to do R&B, and being marketed as a rapper was not going to work. I loved being with them, but the direction that we was going wasn't working out for me. I already knew that I was not going to stay with them for a long time anyway because them with me would become ludicrous after a while, and plus I always saw myself as a solo artist, but with them it was always 50 Cent and G-Unit. After I left, the rumors hits the radios saying that I was dropped from the label while I asked to be let go." (City Scenes Magazine)

No further details on Olivia's debut have been released as of now.

Check out a past Olivia interview down below:

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