News: Memphis Bleek Explains Breaking Away From Def Jam, "I'd Rather Lose On My Own Label"

Tuesday, Feb 2, 2010 5:50PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Memphis Bleek recently spoke on his decision to go for self without Def Jam lurking over him and why his upcoming The Process album has suffered a few setbacks.

According to Bleek, getting his label situation functioning has been his main priority.

"Oh man, just basically showing people the growth and the process of building my own establishment right now Get Low Records. That's what's been the long delay, I felt like I didn't want to put out another release under Def Jam if they going to look at me selling 400,000 copies as a loss. I'd rather lose on my own label like that, you know what I mean. So it was the process of getting out the deal, the process of getting a distribution deal and one that's suitable for me, one that generates the right amount of attention as well as the assets, I didn't want to just jump on any deal if that's the case I'd be doing what every other rapper [is doing]." (Hip Hop Wired)

He recently defended his decision not to sign with Hov's Roc Nation imprint.

"I coulda went to Roc Nation, but then what am I getting out of that?," Bleek asked in an interview. "Another $150,000 check advance, then I come out [and] sell 300,000 probably, somebody makes two or three million, and I gotta mess with the fact that they gon' say yo you bricked out? Like that's the industry. And that's [with a label run by] my homie. Now if [it's] somebody else, [they] might not even get a 150 [thousand dollar] advance, they probably go get 30. And plus I'd rather be on my own, fam. I been in the game, like you said a decade now, I know what to do; I know what not to do. It's time for me to have my own record [label]. I got a lot of n*ggas behind me that's ready to get they shot. And me being behind Jay, they ain't gonna never get they shot." (Hip Hop DX)

Earlier this year, Bleek confirmed no longer being under contract with Def Jam.

"[The album] is called The Process," Bleek revealed in an interview. "Same album I was working on when everybody was under the Def Jam structure. But once Jay moved and did the Roc Nation thing, I hollered at him and told him I wanted to create my own umbrella to be a branch off Roc Nation...I don't want to be under Jay-Z's shadow forever. I feel like I'm gonna get criticized for that forever. So, yeah. It's one reason I want to do the Get Low thing. People will respect me more if I can show them I know how to walk on my own two. But I still got the big homie. He's setting up meetings with every distribution company for me. I'm just trying to see what's the best fit." (VIBE)

Bleek previously spoke on his label status and why he parted ways with Def Jam.

"Jay's the kindest n*gga that walk the face of this earth and everything ain't money," Bleek said in an interview. "N*gga gave everybody he knew that he came up with rhyming with opportunity, that's all you can ask for...You know Hov broke bread...I left Def Jam...I had options to put out another album on Def Jam but then I had a meeting with him and he made it real clear to me, 'Why do that, you got the opportunity right now to run your own company. I'ma get you the distribution deal for Get Low Records, you sign your artists, drop your albums under Get Low and I'ma still executive produce.'" (Hip Hop Beef)

The Process is due in stores March 2010.

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