News: Lupe Fiasco Exposes Music Industry's Faults, "At A Certain Point, [Your Music] Is Out Of Your Hands"

Monday, Feb 8, 2010 4:55AM

Written by Rosario Harper

Grammy-winning rapper Lupe Fiasco recently discussed how his label, Atlantic Records, ultimately decides when his long-awaited Lasers album will hit retail stores.

According to Lupe he no longer has control over the project.

"I'm hoping soon, I actually have a new sort of outlook on the music business that I hate so much," Lupe explained in an interview about an album release date. "I don't want to be cynical or turn anybody off but at the same time too, as an artist in this business, there's definitely a system that's between you and your fans. And I do my work as an artist and I turn it in blindly, I give my child to the record label. Is it gonna be a slaughterhouse today or is it gonna be a day care center? You never know. It's either a day care or slaughterhouse. Either your baby is gonna come out the other end in pampers and shiny...When you give your music, it's on them. If they want to put it out, put it on the shelf, take six years to put it out, it all depends on the record label, if they wanna chop it up and re-arrange it and do whatever they wanna do. That's just one of the sadder parts of being on a major record label. At a certain point, it's out of your hands. As far as a date for Lasers, it's truly on the record label. I have no idea what they're gonna do." ("Triple J Radio")

Last month, the rapper hinted at possibly dropping two albums in 2010.

"I might do that this year too," Lupe said about releasing two albums for 2010. "FYI, maybe, maybe. If there's room. We'll see. We'll see. But even with that, I try not to rush because there's trends and you might get hyped up -- but before you know it, that trend has worn off and you look like the old dude...I think there's some people that sold a lot of records that kinda burned their candle at both ends...['I'm Beaming,'] just like it is with all my music, it's official now...It leaked out, so we had to chase it. It wasn't meant to be the first single, but it's the first look produced by The Neptunes -- it's actually the first record on the album." ("Toca Tuesdays")

Lupe also said he turned in the final version of his Lasers album to Atlantic Records in late January.

"I'm actually going in to turn [Lasers] into the label in the morning," Lupe told a caller. "I was actually supposed to turn it in tonight. I'm just keeping it crispy with the fans...I'm turning it into the label tomorrow, they gonna go through they process, see what they need to do and pick whatever single they want to do and I'm hoping before the summer, you know. That's just what it is. Stay tuned, stay tuned." (Team Invasion)

In light of his music being leaked recently, Lupe called off plans to drop a new mixtape.

"I was plotting on doing the follow-up to [Enemy of the State: A Love Story]," Lupe said in an interview. "Simply because [it] was short. And I felt like it was space to do another one. I was gonna do another one called Friend to the People, but I started to get wind that people had songs they shouldn't have had. I was like, 'This is just gonna open the floodgates if I come out with another record. I know these dudes are threatening to leak records and do crazy stuff.' Sometimes I feel there may be too much Lupe music out there -- whether it be old stuff or new stuff or freestyles. I don't want to have a ton of music sitting out. I made the decision to fall back from it and really focus on the climb. We were a couple of weeks away from doing that." (MTV)

Check out Lupe Fiasco's "I'm Beaming" below:

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