News: Ludacris On "How Low" Reaching A Milli, "We're Gonna Keep Going & Hitting Them" [Video]

Saturday, Feb 27, 2010 3:32AM

Written by Biz Jones

Grammy-winning rapper Ludacris has released a statement speaking on the success of his "Get Low" hit single reaching over a million digital downloads.

Speaking to a small media crew, Luda compared his latest smash to the 2000 Back For The First TIme album single, "What's Your Fantasy."

"This marks my ten years at Def Jam, in the music industry as a successful artist and as you can tell, I'm just as hungry as when 'What's Your Fantasy' came out," Luda explained. "A lot of people were comparing this to 'What's Your Fantasy,' so another ten years, we're gonna keep going and hitting them -- I'm one of those artists that likes to make everybody's job easier and I'll continue to do that no matter how many records I sell, no matter how much success I get, I will continue to stay the same person, a hard-working individual..." (The Life Files)

Earlier this week, Luda informed his Twitter followers of hitting a million downloads through a photo showing his plaque.

"Just got handed my platinum plaque from def jam," he wrote, for 'How Low'. buy on Itunes so we can take it to 2x plat!" (Ludacris' Twitter)

He also spoke on the song's overall motivation during NBA All-Star Weekend in Dallas.

"Athletes get motivated by songs sometimes," he said in an interview. "That's part of our motivation to make sure we get everybody else motivated. When we get in the studio, we want to make songs that are gonna play at such things as the All-Star game or the Super Bowl. That's my motivation. I'm feeling extremely excited. We pushed it up a week, due to the anticipation. I'm feeling real good about it. We're almost platinum on the digital download singles. Thanks to everybody for buying that 'How Low.' Remixes, more singles to come. It's going down." (MTV)

The track will be featured on Luda's upcoming Battle of the Sexes album.

"The release date on the new album is officially March 9th, it was March 16th, it's been pushed up a week due to the anticipation, feeling good, Battle of the Sexes, just got picked up on the Black Eyed Peas tour, so we'll be promoting that starting Thursday all the way until the end of April," Luda said in an interview. "So look for Battle of the Sexes on March 9th. Females from the past, present and future. Everybody from Eve, Trina, Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj, I got records talking about women, to women, women talking back to me and at the same time, just great music. I always try to out-do myself and re-invent, this is album number seven." (Meet Tha Dealer TV)

Battle of the Sexes is scheduled to drop Tuesday, March 9th.

Check out Ludacris speaking on the album down below:

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