News: "Love Of Ray J" Star Detained By Police After Complex Catches Fire

Friday, Feb 5, 2010 10:15AM

Written by Rosario Harper

Former "For The Love Of Ray J" reality star Monica "Danger" Leon is reportedly being detained by police and  investigated for arson after her California apartment was set ablaze.

According to reports, the actress is currently undergoing a 72-hour watch.

TMZ has learned Danger -- one of the stars of the VH1 show "For the Love of Ray J" -- is currently being detained by police in an arson investigation after officials responded to a fire in her Hollywood apartment. We're told the L.A. City Fire Department received a 911 call around 2:15 PM PST today from Danger's complex. When cops arrived, the fire had already been extinguished -- but arson investigators were called to the scene. After checking out the situation, authorities decided to detain Danger --whose real name is Monica Leon -- pending further investigation. UPDATE: Sources say Danger is currently under a 72-hour watch. (TMZ)

Last December, Danger was taken into a California hospital.

Monica Danger from the first season of VH1's "For the Love of Ray J" was in a psychiatric hold earlier this month after an incident that involved her newborn daughter. Apparently, the reality star had a bad case of postpartum depression, resulting in some personal problems. As a result, she spent a week in a psychiatric hospital in Northern California. (Bossip)

She recently accused singer Ray J of being a homosexual.

"Ray J's gay, I'll tell you why on this show," stated Danger in her interview. "Ray I love you, I respect you but after the two years of Danger 'smashed the homie' t-shirts -- what I had to go through first season, me being pregnant by Gabriel [Cannon], you claiming it was you everywhere on earth... you are selling me everywhere, listen n*gga I'm not a pimp h*e, you're not going to pimp me, I'm not Kim Kardashian...I'm really mad too.. Young Buck and Ray J.. going strong f*cking with each other for years, and Young Buck does not have one percent of what Ray J has and it's like 'Ray J, you're not looking out for your boy?' ...he likes d*ck too" while singing off with "he likes the boys in the baaand, he says that Young Buck's his all time favoriteeee!" (Hip Hop RX)

Danger later denied the allegations and apologized to Ray.

"No, it's not true," she said in an interview. "I got mad and I over-reacted. I can't get mad over little things anymore... I need to stop f*cking up. I'll be the first to say that I am wrong and I was wrong. Ray J put me on and I will always respect him and love him for that. No matter who I'm dating. I'm sorry Ray, I love you. Do you forgive me?" (Necole Bitchie)

Check out a recent Danger interview down below:

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