News: Kid Cudi Reportedly Apologizes For Punching Fan, Blames It On The Alcohol

Thursday, Feb 11, 2010 10:20AM

Written by Biz Jones

Rapper Kid Cudi has reportedly apologized to a fan he attacked during a concert in Canada last December and said the incident was caused by alcohol consumption.

According to the victim, Michael Sharpe, an apology took place over Super Bowl weekend.

Michael Sharpe -- the man who claims Cudi's fist connected with his face during a December show in Vancouver -- tells TMZ the rapper called him up last weekend to finally apologize, and blamed the knuckle sandwich on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol. Sharpe said Cudi also offered to fly him out to New York for an all-expenses paid weekend -- but so far, nothing is set in stone. (TMZ)

Details on the initial physical altercation spread online in early December.

The Internet is buzzing with a widely distributed video of what happened next. Cudi leaves the stage, climbs up on the crowd barrier and throws a punch. Rumors abound that the person he tagged wasn't the original offending party. A first-person report from the alleged victim is also being widely distributed online. In the story, the victim claims that wallet was thrown on stage by him after it had been returned to him in error and Cudi had said he would take it back if it wasn't his. Whatever the case, the video makes clear that someone was the target of the non-gangsta rapper's rabbit punch. (Kelowna News)

Shortly after the incident, Cudi exited his Monster's Ball tour opening slot for Lady Gaga.

According to our political connects, Cudder has been kicked off Lady Gaga's Monster Ball Tour for punching a fan last week in Vancouver. Lights out, Cudi. (Rap Radar)

This was later confirmed via a statement released to the media.

"Kid Cudi has decided to take an early leave of absence from Lady Gaga's Monster Ball tour, in order to balance his schedule surrounding the recording of his next album and acting commitments," the statement reads. "Cudi does not want to disappoint his fans and will move forward with his individual show dates in December and throughout the month of January." (MTV)

Check out the incident down below:

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