News: Jay-Z Says President Obama Throws Up The Roc, "He Was Playing 'Blueprint' In The Gym"

Friday, Feb 19, 2010 10:35AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Jay-Z recently revealed that United States President Barack Obama has officially co-signed his latest album, The Blueprint III.

According to Hov, the president works out to his music.

Rapper Jay-Z said President Barack Obama was among his biggest fans and that he frequently played the artist's explicit tunes while exercising, it was reported Friday. The 10-time Grammy award winner said in an interview with U.K. broadcaster the BBC that the President enjoyed working up a sweat to the sounds of Jay-Z's latest album, Blueprint 3. "Barack loves hip hop. When I called him he was playing Blueprint in the gym," the star said. (My Fox)

Jay wants the president to run for another term in 2012.

He said to Jonathan Ross's Friday night TV show: 'I've been invited to the White House a couple of times. Hopefully we'll keep him in for eight years so I'll have time to get there.' The rapper recently picked up the BRIT Award for Best International Male at the UK awards ceremony. (Monsters & Critics)

Last year, the rapper went to Washington, DC to celebrate the president's induction.

Jay-Z will take to the stage at the city's 1,847-capacity Warner Theater, where he will perform with a full band. And the star has vowed to play the set, entitled In Concert on the Eve of Change, for his fans. (Binghamton's News Channel 34)

Jay-Z has displayed a strong sense of support for Barack, especially after the historic election when he penned the tribute song "History."

"Now that all the smoke is gone / And the battles finally won / Victory is finally ours / History, so long, so long / So long, so long...Until she visit me / I'll be stuck with her sister her name is defeat / she gives me agony/ I'm stuck in this routine / whole new different day / same old thing /all I got is dreams / nobody else could see / nobody else believes / nobody else but me / Where are you victory / I need you desperately / not just for the moment, to make history." ("History")

Check out Master P speaking with SOHH about Barack Obama below:

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