News: Jay-Z On UK Record Labels, "People Have To Be Smarter About How They A&R"

Thursday, Feb 18, 2010 4:50PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former Def Jam president Jay-Z has offered some advice to United Kingdom record labels and explained the importance of finding the right artists.

Using his experience at Def Jam as an example, Hov stressed how vital proper artist development is.

"People have to be smarter about how they A and R, and what they put out," Jay said in an interview. "Record companies need to catch up to that, someone needs to send them the memo. I remember the first year I was at Def Jam we put out 56 artists. There's not 56 great artists in the world, and this is one company. One company operating for like, 80 artists in a year. That's just too many." (BBC News)

G-Unit's Tony Yayo recently explained why he moved away from Interscope Records to pursue the indie game.

"If I was still on Interscope, I would say I would probably have to wait a long process to get my mixtape on iTunes," Yayo explained to DJ Green Lantern. "And now my mixtape's on iTunes, go pick it up -- I get my bread faster instead of waiting on the label to make moves for me. Them days is dead...We're gonna drop these independent records this summer, it's more money for me anyway, so, it's a beautiful thing. It's the do it yourself [era]. Eh yo, all those Hype Williams days are over. N*ggas used to spend half a million for a video. Now -- my videos are done in five minutes." (DJ Green Lantern TV)

When speaking about the upcoming release of his Lasers album, Lupe Fiasco spoke on the disadvantages that come with being under a major record company.

"I'm hoping soon, I actually have a new sort of outlook on the music business that I hate so much," Lupe explained in an interview about an album release date. "I don't want to be cynical or turn anybody off but at the same time too, as an artist in this business, there's definitely a system that's between you and your fans. And I do my work as an artist and I turn it in blindly, I give my child to the record label. Is it gonna be a slaughterhouse today or is it gonna be a day care center? You never know. It's either a day care or slaughterhouse. Either your baby is gonna come out the other end in pampers and shiny...When you give your music, it's on them. If they want to put it out, put it on the shelf, take six years to put it out, it all depends on the record label, if they wanna chop it up and re-arrange it and do whatever they wanna do. That's just one of the sadder parts of being on a major record label. At a certain point, it's out of your hands. As far as a date forLasers, it's truly on the record label. I have no idea what they're gonna do." ("Triple J Radio")

Outside of record label talk, Hov recently spoke on that status of his Blueprint III follow-up.

"I don't know," Jay answered when asked about a release date. "I didn't really start yet. I got a couple of scraps and I got a couple of ideas. I didn't really go into the studio yet. I've been toying with ideas and direction and things like that. I got one crazy record. To be honest with you, it's crazy. I got one and we'll build from there. Whether it comes out this year or next year, it depends on the music and how it's coming out. I don't really have any dates." (MTV)

Check out some past Jay-Z footage below:

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