News: Game Pours Out Tila Tequila's Lies, "You Knew Who Your Baby Daddy Was The Whole Time"

Monday, Feb 8, 2010 6:10PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

West Coast rapper Game has made an attempt to clear his name from being the alleged father of Tila Tequila's forthcoming baby.

Writing through Twitter, Game posted a link to Tequila's final postings before she deleted her own account.

"#TilaTequilaisArat is exposed........ bitch you knew who yo baby daddy was the whole time you f*ckin RAT HOE !!!," Game wrote Monday (February 8). (Game's Twitter)

Upon clicking on the link, readers were shown screen shots of Tila's final remarks where she identified who her child's father allegedly is.

"Thats why God has blessed me with my unborn child. I can't wait to move on with my life and take care of my son. I'm deleting my twitter. I will now be on my own site To much violence here. Make sure to Send congrats to my babys father @RickJewelz : )" (Twit Pic)

Despite the claim, producer Rick Jewelz has denied being linked to Tila.

"@BiggMikeSmooth shum crazy sh*t. i wake up and see that Tila is claimin im her BD too??? like huh???? @bellammaria naaaaaaa all false no congrats are in order for me @bellammaria yeahh she def is gettin her lie on she a confused chic @ItsEmJay yeah man i might hafta do tht yo @bellammaria lol true facts im NOT the BD she never had the pleasure of gettin piped.. @MorganBrittny yeah she a flamin mess for that one.. smh." (Rick Jewelz's Twitter)

Prior to Game initially denying the claims, Tila said Game was her child's father.

"hhah YES TMZ I AM WATCHING AND GAME IS LYING! IM HEADED TO YOUR STUDIO NOW TO TELL YOU THE REAL DEAL! ON MY WAY!!!!!! POW! Game didn't even know how 2 answer Harvey's questions. He kept stuttering cuz GAMES A LIAR! 9 Months from now I will take the Paternity Test Game not only lied to the world, to you guys, to me, but he also lied to his OTHER baby mama Which I Didnt know he had! So he f*cked himself I was there all night last night too and pictures on TMZ even showing me leaving his studio at 6am!!! Thas a punk bitch right there. COWARD! GAME=DEADBEAT DAD. Just wait. 9 months from now I'm gonna take the paternity test to PROVE IT! Game just f*cked himself. SMH... Yea im upset that he didn't tell me about the other baby he had on the way, thats why he asked me to go 2 studio 2 tell me about it!!! So once I found out I was f*cking pissed! Cuz he was like "D*mn this sh*t is crazy! CUz my sons mama got a son too!" I said "WHAT??!!!??!" So Game pretty much lied to all his baby mama's, me included, and to everyone else. His homie is even calling me 2 apologize 4 his coward! But I ain't trippin about it. TMZ asked me to come in to do an interview on Monday to tell them WHAT REALLY WENT DOWN! Cuz GAME IS A LIAR!" (Tila Tequila's Twitter)

Check out Game speaking on Tila Tequila below:

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