News: Game Contemplates "R.E.D." Lead Off, "Should The First Single Be A Pharrell Or Dr. Dre Track?"

Wednesday, Feb 17, 2010 11:45AM

Written by Rosario Harper

West Coast rapper Game wants his fans to help determine whether his R.E.D. Album's first official single should be produced by Pharrell Williams or Dr. Dre.

Writing via his popular Twitter page, the rapper reached out to his followers for help in deciding.

"R.E.D. march 23rd," Game wrote hinting at a possible new album release date. "#nigeriangrammar I can't get jiggy wit dis sh!t neega in the studio......... goin thru records, should the 1st single be a Pharrell or a Dr. Dre track ??? most of y'all sayin.... save the Dre tracks for the album. hmmmmm ? #tobehonest ALL THIS SH!T IS craCK !!! Dr. Dre & P. producing this album is "THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS". Aight y'all I gotta figure this sh!t out. hit y'all in the AM." (Game's Twitter)

Ja Rule reached out to Game today and hinted at a possible joint tour being in the works.

"RT @MpireMusic Check out @Ruleyork this week on BET's THE DEAL @ 3am est. He talks about his new label Mpire and his new album VvV 2010! Back to business today VvV 2010 is coming this summer @ihategame let's put this tour together lol!!!." (Ja Rule's Twitter)

In addition to his admiration toward Dre, the rapper recently discussed his appreciation toward Pharrell for hopping aboard to produce.

"The way that he let me run point guard when I go inside that booth is just crazy. And The Neptunes, people don't really understand who The Neptunes are but if you take away The Neptunes from hip-hop, you take away the color in hip-hop. You take away these new kids that are jerkin', you take away Jay-Z's 'Change Clothes,' Neptunes brought a whole new sound, a whole new aura to hip-hop and it manifested and turned into something that nobody thought would be this big, I'm just excited about being in with Pharrell man, he's my new favorite producer and we established this friendship and bond that goes beyond the music. Me and Pharrell, we did four records yesterday and three today. We recording man and I asked Pharrell if he would executive produce the album and he said 'H*ll yeah.'" (Dubcnn)

According to Game, an Ashanti collaboration is expected to make the album.

"Hey, man, it's 'No beef 2010,'" he promised in an interview. "That's the trending topic on this interview, man. Dre called me and he was like, 'You got any current-day problems with Ashanti?' I was like, 'Nah. I ain't got no problems with Ashanti.' She can sing like mutha----a and you put her on a hook, it's automatically radio. So he was like, 'I'mma have her come down.' Dre was going through beats and I picked one. I was like, 'Let's try her on this hook.' Me and Ashanti wrote the hook, I went in on the verses and that was it. The song me and Ashanti did, it don't even have a name for it yet. It's crazy. We just did that a week ago and I ain't even name it." (MTV)

A confirmed release date for The R.E.D. Album has not yet been revealed.

Check out a past Game interview down below:

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