News: Freeway Responds To Online Disses, "When They Be Hating, They're Internet Thugs" [Video]

Thursday, Feb 18, 2010 6:05PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former Roc-A-Fella artist Freeway recently spoke on his involvement with the Internet and what online readers are saying about him.

According to Free, Internet users' comments about him, good or bad, do not go unnoticed.

"When I was doing the whole month of madness -- I would read the comments and I would respond to comments on some of the joints people would be saying this and that and I would respond," Freeway explained in an interview. "But when I first, like, two years ago when I really first started dropping joints on the net, like, people wasn't f*cking with me. N*ggas was like, 'Ah, get the f*ck outta here,' but once I started building up the substance and material and people were seeing that the material was good, slowly but surely they started f*cking with it. The comments used to make me mad but when they be hating, they're Internet thugs so I ain't worried about that." (Vlad TV)

50 Cent recently shared his views on the impact an online community has.

"As far as the Internet is concerned, it's so new that the younger kids can take better advantage," Fif explained in an interview. "Soulja Boy is one of the guys that is more open-minded to the Web, and he'll go there immediately...I watched and learned from people like him. From my perspective, what the mixtape circuit was is now a viral video...When I make material and I see it be viewed a million times, I know that I pleased a small demographic that watched it so often that there's a million views. Or a broad demographic of people are drawn to it. I feel good either way... As [the Internet] changes and there's new applications and new things involved with the site, I learn that right away. That makes me comfortable...The kids, the new age group, the new kids are more perceptive of computers. They don't have to have the experience of going to purchase your CD or going to see your movie." (XXL Mag)

Last December, Nelly explained how he embraced the "doubters" for his upcoming album.

"The thing is, I work best with two strikes, two outs," Nelly revealed in an interview. "I really think I do. As an artist, you want to wake up every day and feel like you're doing something people don't think you can do. Now I feel like I've been put in that position again, where it's more doubt than expectancy. The doubt is what fuels me, so to speak. I've been real fortunate where I have great people around me." (MTV)

Free released his latest project, Stimulus Package, earlier this week.

"The new album shows a lot of growth and I feel as though it's like my chance to let everybody know that I can really hold it down on my own," Free said in an interview. "I'm not taking nothing away from nobody, I appreciate all the love I got in the past from people like Jay-Z and Beans and people like that. I gotta stand on my own two and let people know I can do it myself and this is my perfect opportunity -- I'm a reality rapper, so I'm inspired by the things around me, things I see, things like that...I feel the best music I make is the music I'm telling the truth on. Every rapper fabricates a little bit, nobody keeps it totally one hundred because when you're making a movie or something, you gotta exaggerate a little bit." (Cavi NYC)

Check out Freeway speaking about the Internet game below:

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