News: Fat Joe Promises Huge Surprise, "We're Making Probably The Biggest Move You Can Make In Hip-Hop" [Audio]

Monday, Feb 8, 2010 12:00PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Terror Squad leader Fat Joe has promised to make a big announcement within the next few weeks about his upcoming album, Dark Side.

According to Joe, he is planning to make a big announcement in the next few weeks.

"The dude Scoop DeVille, the guy who produced the Snoop Dogg ['I Wanna Rock'] joint," Joe said referring to his "Slow Down" single. "We coming with that album, The Dark Side this summer. Early June, whatever the case may be. The album is crazy -- I got this crazy joint with me and Trey Songz and we got me and [R. Kelly] after that. They hard, they hard. Basically, I don't want to say what they are on the radio but they hustler anthems...we gotta a couple more announcements to make, you gonna see the movie unfold...We're making probably the biggest move you can make in hip-hop. It's gonna be splashing news in the next two weeks...It's a movie...[Young] Jeezy's my man. I played him ['Slow Down'], it was done, hook and everything. And he was like, 'I gotta get on that thing, Crack.'' ("Jenny Boom Boom")

Writing via Twitter, Joey Crack revealed his association with Trey last weekend.

"Just got to the studio," Joe wrote Friday (February 5) night. "I got my homie Trey Songz with me we about to make some magic 2nite CRACK!!!!! I aint stoppppingggg." (Fat Joe's Twitter)

Last month, the rapper said he was focused on changing up his content for the upcoming album.

"The people gotta understand: I don't give a f--- right now," Joe said. "It's nothing to be political, nothing to be friends about. My n---as that's with me is the loyal n---as. Bandwagon n---as don't rock with me. Right now, I tried to give y'all the nice guy. I tried to go, 'Hello, Aloha' -- they don't want Fat Joe to do that. I'mma have to do something that I'm an expert at; it's called 'kill people.' That's why it's The Darkside: Volume 1. Once you get this one, you ain't gonna never want Fat Joe to do anything else. Just know that this new album right here is about to be the skeleton. We about to change how every n---a do their album now. N---as is gonna have to come hard." (MTV)

Fat Joe collaborator Rico Love recently spoke with SOHH about the rap veteran's dominance in music.

"It was an amazing experience working with Joe on the 'Aloha' record, as well as being involved creatively on the entire album," he explained. "Fat Joe is hip-hop royalty and he withstood the test of time. Seems like just yesterday I was watching his videos ontelevision and now I'm in a video with him. That's a great feeling. I'm honored." (SOHH)

The album is speculated to hit retail stores in June 2010.

Check out Fat Joe's interview down below:

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