News: Eminem Adds DJ Khalil's Beats To "Relapse 2" Album, "[The Songs] Are F*ckin' Stupid"

Saturday, Feb 6, 2010 8:37AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Grammy-winning rapper Eminem has reportedly upped the ante with his forthcoming Relapse 2 album by adding production from hit producer DJ Khalil.

According to Em's primary deejay, The Alchemist, Khalil's contributions on the project have come from the production side.

"Khalil--who I think is like the best producer right now to me--he had been sending records to Em for a while that wasn't like, they weren't like clicking in," Alchemist said in an interview. "Em knew he was dope but they haven't found the right one. And I think they found a couple joints now... the joints they have are crazy. I can't say 100 percent [that he made the album], but I have heard at least two joints Khalil did and they're f*ckin' stupid." (XXL Mag)

D12's Mr. Porter is putting his current projects aside to work on Em's new record.

"This will be the first time I'm producing songs for Em under me without D12," he explained in an interview last fall. "That's big for me. I can't let the cat out the bag yet, but one of the songs is told as if we were back in the day...The reason he's good is not because being white worked to his advantage. It did a little at first, but all day everyday the kid is writing. I don't know if Jay-Z is writing all day. He owns multi-million dollar businesses. Em writes all day. Jay probably comes up with lines [and] that make him one of the greatest. I'm fighting, because Just Blaze came in and kicked a**." (All Hip Hop)

Just Blaze also recently revealed the complications he has encountered working with Slim Shady.

"It's a challenge for both of us in the sense we've never worked with each other before," he revealed in an interview. "We've both been in the business ten plus years. We're both very self-contained. He has his own production compound, and I have my situation with Bassline Studios in New York. Sometimes I'm like I need this [song] back in New York and he's like I need it back in Detroit. It's interesting because we're both protective of the work and not wanting it to leak out. I'm in the same boat, because we both would lose money. Creatively it's a good process. When it goes beyond a business arrangement, it always works out. I've had cases where people just want a beat because you're Just Blaze. But here we are two people that are fans of each other's work." (All Hip Hop)

Last fall, Em tossed out a few details surrounding the album's overall sound and content.

"[I'm] pretty much finished as far as recording," Eminem revealed. "I think all that's left to do is mix. And you know, in the mixing process, if I come up with anything else then [it will be on there.] I think it's gonna be a lot different, a lot different than what people expect as far as the contrast from the last record to this one, I think I went back...I got a couple of tracks with Mr. Porter, I got two tracks on the album with him so far, four, possibly five with Just Blaze and I think the overall basis of the record is -- it's more emotional driven. Like the last record, I was more concentrated on spitting, but with this record, I feel like there's some of that, but at the same time I went back to making songs with feels to them as opposed to just rap records...I'm putting everything I got into this next record. All my focus, just everything, I just want to finish that project and I'll take it from there." ("Toca Tuesdays")

A confirmed release date has not yet been revealed.

Check out a past Eminem interview below:

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