News: East Wins NBA All-Star Game, Fabolous, Sean Kingston & DJ Drama React

Sunday, Feb 14, 2010 11:44PM

Written by Rosario Harper

The NBA Eastern Conference team successfully defeated their Western counterparts at tonight's All-Star game in Texas and have sparked a flurry of reactions from Fabolous, Sean Kingston and DJ Drama.

Poking fun at both the performances and players, Fabolous publicly unveiled his reactions.

"This might f*ck up a future collab but this dude Usher look like a Gay Urban Batman in the All Star game show," he wrote. "Leather Capri's tho?? LoL.. #imjussayin #whatitlooklike Zach Randolph look like Eddie Winslow from Family Matters I jus did the *CEFP* aka clint eastwood finger pistol at Usher's leather armor and it richocet'd off.. *ping* *ping* lol.. @ClintonSparks Yo vampires beware.. Usher is the R&B Blade wit leather high waters on! This Shakira performance needs the #WrapItUpGrammyMusic LoL Now Alicia Keys is that Chick! Her performance is good money!#LilMamaSnipersOnDeck." (Fabolous' Twitter)

Singer Sean Kingston also paid homage to the East All-Stars and the game's Most Valuable Player, Dwayne Wade.

"THA East Wins!!!!! Like I Said!, man Im Great At This I Should Become A Better I called Tha Saints Winning Tha Superbowl And Now THIS lol. Congrats! 2 Tha Homie D.Wade Also U Deserve It MIAMI ALL DAY!!!! LOL." (Sean Kingston's Twitter)

Drama admired the game's location which marked a record-setting capacity of over 108,000 people in attendance.

"this sh*t is big cuzzz. Wonder what watchin Avatar on this screen would be like! Game over! That stadium is huuuge! I wanna watch Avatar on that screen! Party time! Victory Tavern! 2501 N. Houston StDJ Drama-Rick Ross-Kenyon Martin! All Star Finale! I'm #inmyzone !!" (DJ Drama's Twitter)

The game took place from Arlington, Texas.

The Eastern Conference has edged the West 141-139 in the NBA All-Star game before the largest crowd ever to watch a basketball game. The crowd of 108,713 at Cowboys Stadium on Sunday night watched Dwyane Wade score 28 points before Dallas native Chris Bosh made the winning free throws with 5.0 seconds left. (Associated Press)

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